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Accelerate Academic Research and Curriculum with the NVIDIA Hardware Grant Program

The NVIDIA Hardware Grant Program helps advance AI and data science by partnering with academic institutions around the world to enable researchers and educators with industry-leading hardware and software.

Applicants can request compute support from a large portfolio of NVIDIA products. Awardees of this highly selective program will receive a hardware donation to use in their teaching or research.

The hardware granted to qualified applicants could include NVIDIA RTX workstation GPUs powered by NVIDIA Ampere Architecture, NVIDIA BlueField Data Processing Units (DPUs), Remote V100 instances in the cloud with prebuilt container images, NVIDIA Jetson developer kits, and more. Alternatively, certain projects may be awarded with cloud compute credits instead of physical hardware.

Please note: NVIDIA RTX 30 Series GPUs are not available through the Academic Hardware Grant Program.

The current application submission window will begin on July 12 and close on July 23, 2021. The next submission window will open in early 2022.


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