Nsight Compute profiling CUDA 10.1 Task Graphs

OpenGL and Vulkan interoperability on the Graphics Debugger

Next-Gen CUDA Debugger with PTX+SASS source code correlation showing the state at a kernel breakpoint

NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 2019.1 is now available with these features and improvements:

Graphics Debugging

Added support for
  • the latest Turing GPUs for the GPU Frame Debugger, Performance Dashboard, and Range Profiler
  • Win10 RS5, including support for
    • the latest DirectX Ray Tracing interfaces in the Frame Debugging and GPU Trace Activities
    • ID3D12Device2
  • OpenGL and Vulkan Interoperability debugging
  • DirectX11 & DirectX12 NVAPI Metacommands
  • SMP Assist API (NVAPI) For VR Titles
    • Supports VRWorks SDK
  • Vulkan Meshlets (VK_NV_mesh_shader)
    • Supported in Frame Debugging, Frame Profiling, and C++ Capture Activities
  • Increased NVAPI support
    • MultiDrawIndirect NVAPI support has been added for DX11
    • VRS (Variable Rate Shading) extension support added for DX11
New Features
  • Range Profiler Range Profiler selection linking
    • Range Profiler selection now sets the current event to the last event in the selected range
    • Enhances transition between profiling and debugging workflows
  • Acceleration Structure / Bounding Volume Hierarchy Viewer
    • Supports both DirectX Ray Tracing and NVIDIA's Vulkan Ray Tracing Extension 
  • Vulkan Pixel History
    • Inspect pixel/fragment values that impacted the final composition of a pixel within a render target
    • Available in the Frame Profiling and Frame Debugging activities
  • Better UI performance in Frame Debugging and Frame Profiling activities
  • Includes several other bug fixes and application compatibility fixes
  • Full support for DirectX Ray Tracing C++ Capture serialization
  • Numerous UI/UX improvements to the GPU Trace User Interface
  • Fixed a bug that would cause GPU Trace to keep the GPU locked to base frequency after Nsight Graphics had been exited when profiling local targets
  • Includes several other bug fixes and application compatibility fixes
  • Trouble shooting section expanded in User Documentation including Actionable steps are offered to troubleshoot common issues
  • Vulkan Capture overhead reduced by up to 15% for some applications
  • Includes several bug fixes and application compatibility fixes

Compute Debugging and Analysis

  • Added support for
    • CUDA Toolkit 10.1
    • The latest Turing GPUs
    • Win10 RS5
  • Nsight Compute Profiler
    • Child Process data collection and run comparison now available
    • CUDA Toolkit 10.1 Task Graph support
    • CUDA Toolkit 10.1 D3D11 & D3D12 interoperability support
    • NVTX support
    • Improved reports
      • Profiling on Volta GPUs now uses the same metric names as on Turing GPUs
      • Details page shows rule result icons in the section headers
      • New Section file descriptions are shown in the details page
      • Source page supports collapsing multiple source files or functions to show aggregated results
      • Source page heatmap color scale improved
      • Invalid metric results are highlighted in the profiler report
      • New NVTX report page and NVTX context in Details page (when report genereated from CLI with --nvtx)
    • Improved CLI
      • Support for profiling child processes
      • Uses a temporary file if no output file is specified
      • New --quiet option
      • New --clock-control option for setting the GPU clock control mode
      • New --nvtx control to enable NVTX context output for Details and NVTX report pages
      • Support for filtering kernel launches for profiling based on their NVTX context using new --nvtx-include and --nvtx-exclude options
      • Added new --summary options for aggregating profiling results
      • Added option --open-in-ui to open reports collected with NVIDIA Nsight Compute CLI directly in NVIDIA Nsight Compute
      • Improved parity with nvprof
    • Improved performance
    • Improved profiler settings support
    • Compatible with NVDIA Nsight Compute 2019.1 reports

    For a complete overview of all Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition features and access to resources, please visit the main Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition page.

    NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 2019.1 is available for download under the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program.

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