Updates in 2022.4.1


  • Added support for the CUDA toolkit 12.0 Update 1.
  • Improved the documentation for the NvRules API.
  • The python report interface links libstdc++ statically.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue that enabled profiling on CUDA Graph uploads.
  • Fixed formatting issues during unit conversion of metric instances.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a crash during application replay.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a crash in the python report interface.
  • Fixed typos in the metrics reference documentation and descriptions.

Updates in 2022.4.0


  • Added support for the CUDA toolkit 12.0.
  • Added support for profiling CUDA graphs as complete workloads instead of as single kernel nodes. Enable this using the Graph Profiling option in the activities. Similarly to range replay results, selected metrics are not available when profiling graphs.
  • Added support for profiling on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2). See the System Requirements for more details.
  • Deprecated nv-nsight-cu and nv-nsight-cu-cli aliases are removed in favor of ncu-ui and ncu.

NVIDIA Nsight Compute

  • The Source page now loads disassembly and static analysis results asynchronously in the background.
  • Added a new Metric Details tool window to inspect metric information such as raw value, unit, description or instance values. Open the tool window and select a metric on the Details or Raw page or lookup any metric in the focused report directly in the tool window's search bar.
  • In the Source page PTX view, the source name will be shown as a list of comma-separated files.
  • Added flexibility with NVTX based filtering in the Next Trigger filter, similar to the command line. Filters can now use nvtx-include and nvtx-exclude expressions by adding the nvtx-include: or nvtx-exclude: prefix.
  • NVTX views now show the payload type.
  • Simplified the command line generated by the Profile activity.
  • Reduced the number of steps required to re-run the Profile activity.
  • The way to rename Baselines in-place has been improved.
  • The Resources tool window now shows the CUDA Dynamic Parallelism state for CUDA functions and modules.
  • OptiX traversable handles can now be exported as Graphviz DOT or SVG files for visualization from the Resources tool window.
  • All OptiX build, instance and geometry flags can be viewed in the Acceleration Structure Viewer.
  • Added OptiX-specific highlight filters to the Acceleration Structure Viewer.
  • Added support for user-specified index strides to the Acceleration Structure Viewer.

NVIDIA Nsight Compute CLI

  • Added new option --graph-profiling graph to enable profiling of complete CUDA graphs as single workloads.
  • Added new option --filter-mode per-launch-config to enable filtering of kernel launches for each GPU launch parameter separately.
  • Added support to print section body item metrics on the details page with the new --print-details command line option.
  • Added support to select what to show in Metric Name column on the details page with the new --print-metric-name command line option.
  • Removed deprecated options: --units, --fp, --summary and --kernel-base
  • Added support to print launch, session, process and device attributes on session page with the new --page session option.
  • Added --kill yes support for application replay mode.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue that NVIDIA Nsight Compute could crash when continuing profiling after transposing the Raw page table.
  • Fixed an issue that caused closing a report document to be delayed by pending source analysis.
  • Fixed support for profiling applications with older OptiX versions.
  • Fixed display of OptiX module inputs for IR and built-in modules.

For a complete overview of all NVIDIA Nsight™ Compute features and access to resources, please visit the main Nsight™ Compute page.

NVIDIA® Nsight™ Compute 2022.4 is available for download under the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program.

 Download 2022.4.0   Documentation 


Supported Platforms

Windows Linux Mac DRIVE OS
Host Windows x86_64[1] Linux x86_64[1]
Linux aarch64 sbsa[1]
Linux aarch64 (L4T)[2]
MacOS[1] -
Target Windows x86_64[1] Linux x86_64[1]
Linux PowerPC[1]
Linux aarch64 sbsa[1]
Linux aarch64 (L4T)[2]
- DRIVE OS QNX aarch64[2][3]
DRIVE OS Linux aarch64[2][3]

Host platforms support the Nsight Compute UI for viewing reports, interactive profiling and remote connections. Applications are profiled on target platforms, which also support the Nsight Compute command line interface.

Supported NVIDIA GPU architectures

  • Ada: AD10x
  • Ampere: A100 with Multi-Instance GPU, GA10x
  • Hopper: H100 with Multi-Instance GPU
  • Turing: TU1xx
  • Volta: GV100[1], GV10B[2]

[1] available in this download and the CUDA Desktop Toolkit
[2] available in the Embedded or Drive toolkits only
[3] Only the command line interface (CLI) is provided for these platforms. There is no Nsight Compute GUI application for these platforms

Recommended Drivers

  • NVIDIA Windows display driver - 528.33 or newer
  • NVIDIA Linux display driver Linux - 525.85.12 or newer

We recommend using drivers provided with the most recent CUDA Toolkit production release or a newer version. Older driver versions are also supported.