The NVIDIA Jetson platform has an active community that is ready to lend a hand. Check our FAQ for helpful information and links, find answers to your questions in our open discussion forum and wiki, and read about Jetson Preferred Partner and Ecosystem offerings designed to support your development effort.


Check out the comprehensive Jetson FAQ for answers to common questions about the Jetson platform, including technical specifications, comparisons, and links to guides and resources.

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You've got questions. The community has answers. Visit our forum to find answers to your questions, and to offer your support and advice to other developers.

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The Jetson wiki is hosted by, with content maintained by NVIDIA and members of the developer community.

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Jetson Preferred Partners

Jetson Preferred Partners provide the latest products and services for design, development, and manufacturing. Find support and expertise in software, hardware, and product design to help you bring your product to market faster.

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Get to know companies in the Jetson ecosystem and discover the latest products and services to increase your success with the Jetson platform.

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Warranty Information
For full warranty information, please click here.
Regulatory and Compliance Documentation
Regulatory and compliance documentation is available in the Jetson Download Center.
Developer Kit User Guide
For information on the Jetson TX1 and TX2 Developer Kits, including how to set up the kit and install JetPack, check out the Jetson Developer Kit User Guide.