NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier is the latest addition to the Jetson platform. Learn more by reading the Jetson AGX Xavier FAQ section below and the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit User Guide.

What is Jetson?

NVIDIA® Jetson is the world's leading platform for AI at the edge. Its high-performance, low-power computing for deep learning and computer vision makes it the ideal platform for compute-intensive projects.

For more information, see the NVIDIA Jetson Developer Site. For product datasheets and other technical collateral, see the Jetson Download Center.

What is JetPack?

NVIDIA JetPack SDK is the most comprehensive solution for building AI applications. It bundles all the Jetson platform software, including TensorRT, cuDNN, CUDA Toolkit, VisionWorks, GStreamer, and OpenCV, all built on top of L4T with LTS Linux kernel.

Use the JetPack installer to flash your Jetson Developer Kit with the latest OS image, to install developer tools for both host PC and Developer Kit, and to install the libraries and APIs, samples, and documentation needed to jumpstart your development environment.

See this link for more information.

Where can I buy Jetson products?

Jetson products are available from e-tailers and distributors, as well as from NVIDIA. See this link for a full listing.

What is the difference between Jetson Developer Kits and Jetson modules?

Jetson Developer Kits include a Jetson module attached to a reference carrier board, along with power supply and cables, and pre-installed software to help you get started. The Jetson module ships with no software pre-installed; you attach it to the carrier board in your end product, and flash it with the software image you’ve developed.

Are Jetson AGX Xavier and other Jetson modules compatible?

All Jetson products are supported by NVIDIA software libraries such as CUDA, cuDNN, and TensorRT for accelerated AI applications. When software developed on a previous Jetson product is ported to Jetson AGX Xavier, new capabilities such as DLA engine acceleration become available.

The physical connector for Jetson AGX Xavier is new. Jetson AGX Xavier and the previous Jetson modules have many signals in common, but the connector pin-out and electromechanical footprint has been changed for Jetson AGX Xavier to support its vastly enhanced features. See the Jetson AGX Xavier Module Data Sheet and the Jetson AGX Xavier OEM Product Design Guide for details.

Jetson TX1, Jetson TX2, and Jetson TX2i modules are pin and software compatible. If designing a new carrier board that can support any of these modules, there are some interface differences to note. See the Jetson TX1-TX2 Interface Comparison and Migration document and the Jetson TX2-TX2i Comparison and Migration document for details.

What differences are there between Jetson AGX Xavier and other Jetson modules?

Jetson AGX Xavier is something far beyond previous Jetson modules. As an AI computer for Autonomous Machines, it delivers the capability of a powerful desktop GPU workstation in an embedded module under 30W. It is built around an NVIDIA Volta™ GPU with Tensor Cores, and 2 NVDLA engines, and an 8-core 64-bit ARM CPU. See the Jetson AGX Xavier FAQ for details.

Jetson TX2 is a fast, power-efficient AI computing device, built around an NVIDIA Pascal™-family GPU and loaded with 8 GB of memory and 58.4 GB/s of memory bandwidth. See the Jetson Hardware page for a comparison between Jetson TX2 and Jetson TX1.

Jetson TX2i is a Jetson TX2 SKU for industrial environments. The rugged design, small form factor and power envelope make the Jetson TX2i module ideal for high performance edge computing devices such as industrial robots, machine vision cameras and portable medical equipment. See this FAQ for a comparison between Jetson TX2 and Jetson TX2i.

Jetson TX2 4GB will allow developers to run neural networks with double the compute performance or double the power efficiency of Jetson TX1—at the same price.

What changes for industrial environments does Jetson TX2i have compared to Jetson TX2?

Feature Jetson TX2 Jetson TX2i
Shock 140G, 2ms 140G, 2ms
Vibration 10Hz ~200Hz, 1g & 2g RMS

Random: 5g RMS 10 to 500Hz

Sinusoidal: 5g RMS 10 to 500Hz

Temp Range at module TTP -25°C - 80°C -40°C - 85°C
Humidity 85°C / 85% RH, 168 hours -10°C to 65°C / 95% RH, 240 hours
Operating Life

5 Years

(GB at 35C: MTBF=1,747,520 hours

GF at 35C: MTBF=1,066,851 hours)

10 Years

(GB at 45C: 2,505,155 hours Rt=0.9656

GF at 45C: 1,254,624 hours Rt=0.9326)

Misc Env Testing N/A Mixed gas flow; dust settling; free fall drop
TDP 15W 20W

What camera modules are compatible with the Jetson platform?

Jetson has multiple interfaces for connecting a camera. That includes USB3, Ethernet, and MIPI CSI-2.

Several Jetson Preferred Partners and other companies have built standard camera modules that can connect through all of the available interfaces into Jetson and will provide the appropriate drivers and files needed to operate with the latest version of the Jetpack SDK.

The following partners have a broad portfolio of CSI-2, USB and Ethernet cameras along with SerDes-based solutions for longer cable lengths.

Partner Camera Interface Use Case
Leopard Imaging MIPI CSI-2, USB, Ethernet, Stereo USB
  • Robotics
  • Surveillance
  • VR
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Drone
  • Drone
  • Video Conferencing
  • Inspection
Appro.pho MIPI CSI-2
  • Robotics
  • Surveillance
  • VR
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Drone
  • 360 Cameras
  • Industrial
E-con Systems MIPI CSI-2, USB, Stereo USB
  • Robotics
  • Surveillance
  • VR
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Drone
  • Video Conferencing
  • Inspection
D3 Engineering MIPI CSI-2
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Infrastructure
  • Defense
  • Commercial
Basler USB3Vision, GigE
  • Medical
  • Automated License Plate Reading
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Code Readers
  • Stereo Cameras
Point Grey USB3Vision, GigE
  • Medical
  • Automated License Plate Reading
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Code Readers
  • Stereo Cameras
Allied Vision USB3Vision, GigE
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Science and Research
  • Medical Imaging
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Outdoor Imaging
  • Sports
Stereolabs Stereo USB
  • Depth
  • AR/VR
  • Depth
  • AR/VR

How long will each Jetson product be available for purchase?

See the Lifecycle page on the Jetson Developer Zone.

How can I get support for my Jetson Developer Kit or module?

See this link for available support.

What is the warranty for Jetson products?

Product Warranty
Jetson Developer Kits 1 Year Warranty
Jetson AGX Xavier, Jetson TX2, Jetson TX2 4GB, Jetson TX1, Tegra K1 1 Year Warranty
Jetson TX2i, Tegra K1 Industrial 3 Year Warranty

What is the operating lifetime for Jetson products?

Product Operating Lifetime
Jetson AGX Xavier, Jetson TX2, Jetson TX2 4GB, Jetson TX1 5 Years
Jetson TX2i, Tegra K1 Industrial 10 Years

What is the price of Jetson products?

Here is a summary of suggested retail prices. Follow this link to find a local distributor.

Product MSRP (USD) Special Pricing (USD)
Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit $1299 $899 EDU
Jetson AGX Xavier Module

$1,199 (≥100 units)

$1,099 (≥1000 units)

Jetson TX2 Developer Kit $599 $299 EDU
Jetson TX2 Module $399 (≥1000 units) n/a
Jetson TX2i Module $749 (100 units/mo) n/a
Jetson TX2 4GB Module* $299 (≥1000 units) n/a

Jetson TX1 Developer Kit

EOL, but still available in channel

$499 $299 EDU
Jetson TX1 Module $299 (≥1000 units) n/a
Tegra K1 SoC $68 (≥1000 units) n/a

*Jetson TX2 4GB module planned for June 2019 availability

What if I need an RMA (Return Material Authorization)?

If you believe that your Jetson product is defective, please contact the NVIDIA Customer Care team. We will help you troubleshoot your issue and process a replacement if it is foundto be defective.

  1. Go to this link.
  2. Select "Live Chat" option to chat online with one of our customer care agents.
  3. Enter your contact information.
  4. Select the "Jetson" from the product drop-down list.
  5. Submit the request.

What are the Part Numbers for Jetson products?

Jetson Modules and SoCs

Jetson AGX Xavier
SKU Regions
900-82888-0000-000 US/CA, JP, TW, EU, SG, IL, RU, CN, AU/NZ, KR, IN
Jetson TX2
SKU Regions
900-83310-0001-000 US/CA, JP, CN, TW, KR, SG, AU/NZ, EU, RU
900-83310-A301-000 IL
900-83310-A401-000 IN
Jetson TX2 4GB
SKU Regions
900-83489-0080-000 US/CA, JP, CN, TW, KR, SG, AU/NZ, EU, RU, IL, IN
Jetson TX2i
SKU Regions
900-83489-0000-000 US/CA, JP, CN, TW, KR, SG, AU/NZ, EU, RU, IL, IN
Jetson TX1
SKU Regions
900-82180-0001-000 US/CA, EU, JP, CN, TW, AU/NZ, KR, SG, RU
900-82180-A301-000 IL
900-82180-A401-000 IN
Tegra K1 (SoC)
Tegra K1 Industrial (SoC)

Jetson Developer Kits

Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit
SKU Regions
945-82972-0000-000 US/CA, JP, TW
945-82972-0005-000 EU, SG, IL, RU
945-82972-0006-000 CN, AU/NZ, KR
945-82972-0007-000 IN
Jetson TX2 Developer Kit
SKU Regions
945-82771-0000-000 US/CA
945-82771-0005-000 EU
945-82771-0006-000 JP, SG, CN, TW, AU/NZ, KR, IL
945-82771-0007-000 IN
945-82771-0018-000 RU
[EOL] Jetson TX1 Developer Kit
SKU Regions
945-82371-0000-000 US/CA
945-82371-0005-000 EU
945-82371-0006-000 JP, CN, TW, AU/NZ, KR
945-82371-0018-000 IL, SG, RU
945-82371-0007-000 IN

Jetson AGX Xavier FAQ

What is NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier?

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier is the latest addition to the Jetson platform. It’s an AI computer for autonomous machines, delivering GPU workstation performance with an unparalleled 32 TeraOPS (TOPS) of peak compute in a compact 100x87mm module form-factor with user-configurable operating modes at 10W, 15W, and 30W. Jetson AGX Xavier sets a new bar for compute density, energy efficiency, and AI inferencing capabilities deployable to the edge, enabling next-level intelligent machines with end-to-end autonomous capabilities. With a focus on performance, efficiency, and programmability, Jetson powers the AI behind many of the world’s most advanced robots and autonomous machines using deep learning and computer vision.

What products is Jetson AGX Xavier designed for?

Jetson AGX Xavier is designed for robots, drones and other autonomous machines that need maximum compute at the edge to run modern AI workloads and solve problems in manufacturing, logistics, retail, service, agriculture and more. Jetson AGX Xavier is also suitable for smart city applications and portable medical devices.

What are the key features of Jetson AGX Xavier?

GPU 512-core Volta GPU with Tensor Cores
DL Accelerator (2x) NVDLA Engines
CPU 8-core ARMv8.2 64-bit CPU, 8MB L2 + 4MB L3
Memory 16GB 256-bit LPDDR4x | 137 GB/s
Storage 32GB eMMC 5.1
Vision Accelerator 7-way VLIW processor
Video Encode (2x) 4Kp60 | HEVC
Video Decode (2x) 4Kp60 | 12-bit support

16x CSI-2 Lanes (40 Gbps in D-PHY V1.2 or 109 Gbps in CPHY v1.1)

8x SLVS-EC lanes (up to 18.4 Gbps)

Up to 16 simulataneous cameras

PCIe 5x PCIe gen4 (16GT/s) controllers | 1x8, 1x4, 1x2, 2x1 Root port and endpoint
Mechanical 100mm x 87mm with 16mm Z-height (966-pin board-to-board connector)

What's the peak performance of Jetson AGX Xavier?

Jetson AGX Xavier is capable of more than 30 TOPS (trillion operations per second) for deep learning and computer vision tasks. The 512-core Volta GPU with support for Tensor Cores and mixed-precision compute is capable of up to 11 TFLOPS FP16 or 22 TOPS INT8 compute. Jetson AGX Xavier's dual NVDLA engines are capable of 5 TOPS INT8 or 2.5 TFLOPS FP16 performance each. It also has high-performance eight-core ARM64 CPU, a dedicated image processor, a video processor and a vision processor for accelerating computer vision tasks.

How are the NVDLA engines used from software?

NVDLA is supported by NVIDIA TensorRT. Developers will use the familiar TensorRT API to leverage the acceleration provided by NVDLA, the same way they would on a GPU.

What I/O does Jetson AGX Xavier module support?

Display (3x) eDP/DP/HDMI at 4Kp60 | HDMI 2.0, DP HBR3
Camera Inputs 16 lanes CSI-2, 40 Gbps in D-PHY V1.2 or 109 Gbps in CPHY v1.1

Up to (5x) 16GT/s gen4 controllers | 1x8, 1x4, 1x2, 2x1

  • (3x) Root Port + Endpoint
  • (2x) Root Port

(3x) USB 3.1 (10GT/s)

(4x) USB 2.0 ports

Ethernet (1x) Gigabit Ethernet-AVB over RGMII

Can NVIDIA GPUs be used with the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit?

The current early access JetPack release does not support this; support will be added in a future release.

Is Jetson AGX Xavier footprint and pinout backwards compatible with Jetson TX2?

There are many signals in common, however the connector pin-out and electromechanical footprint has been changed to support the vastly enhanced features of Jetson AGX Xavier. See the Jetson AGX Xavier Module Data Sheet and the Jetson AGX Xavier OEM Product Design Guide here.

Does Jetson AGX Xavier have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth onboard?

The Jetson AGX Xavier module does not natively implement Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Third party wireless solutions can be used with the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit.

Is the NVIDIA Isaac robotics SDK only supported on Jetson AGX Xavier?

NVIDIA Isaac software will also support Jetson TX2, but some features may only work on Jetson AGX Xavier due to the need for specific computing resources.

Does Isaac replace JetPack for Jetson AGX Xavier?

No, Isaac will run on top of NVIDIA JetPack and make use of the libraries provided in JetPack.