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Video Processing and Streaming – Top Resources from GTC 21

AI has been instrumental in providing exciting features and improving quality and operational efficiency for conferencing, media delivery and content creation. 

This year at GTC we announced the release of NVIDIA Maxine, a GPU-accelerated SDK for building innovative virtual collaboration and content creation applications such as video conferencing and live streaming. 

Check out some of the most popular sessions, demos, and videos from GTC showcasing Maxine’s latest advancements:

The developer resources listed below are exclusively available to NVIDIA Developer Program members. Join today for free in order to get access to the tools and training necessary to build on NVIDIA’s technology platform here


NVIDIA Maxine Now Available
With Maxine’s AI SDKs—Video Effects, Audio Effects, and Augmented Reality (AR)—developers can now create real-time, video-based experiences easily deployed to PCs, data centers, and the cloud. Maxine can also leverage NVIDIA Jarvis to access conversational AI capabilities such as transcription, translation, and virtual assistants.


How NVIDIA’s Maxine Changed the Way We Communicate
Hear from Avaya’s Mike Kuch, Sr. Director of Solutions Marketing, and Paul Relf, Sr. Director of Product Management about Avaya Spaces built on CPaaS. Avaya is making capabilities associated with meetings available in contact centers. With AI noise elimination, agents and customers can hear each other in noisy environments. We’re combining components to realize the art of the possible for unique experiences by Avaya with NVIDIA AI.

Real-time AI for Video-Conferencing with Maxine
Learn from Andrew Rabinovich, Co-Founder and CTO, Julian Green, Co-Founder and CEO, and Tarrence van As, Co-Founder and Principal Engineer, from Headroom about applying the latest AI research on real-time video and audio streams for a more-human video-conferencing application. Explore employing generative models for super-resolution, giving order-of-magnitude reduced bandwidth. See new solutions for saliency segmentation delivering contextual virtual backgrounds of stuff that matters. 


Building AI-Powered Virtual Collaboration and Content Creation Solutions with NVIDIA Maxine
With new state-of the-art AI features for video, audio, and augmented reality—including AI face codec, eye contact, super resolution, noise removal, and more—NVIDIA Maxine is reinventing virtual collaboration on PCs, in the data center, and in the cloud. 

Reinvent Video Conferencing, Content Creation & Streaming with AI Using NVIDIA Maxine
Developers from video conferencing, content creation and streaming providers such as Notch, Headroom, Be.Live, and Touchcast are using the Maxine SDK to create real-time video-based experiences easily deployed to PCs, data centers or in the cloud.

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