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Transforming the Future of Mobility at ITS America with NVIDIA Metropolis Partners

A digitalized street with cars, bikes and pedestrians.

The Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) of America annual conference brings together a community of intelligent transportation professionals to network, educate others about emerging technologies, and demonstrate innovative products driving the future of efficient and safe transportation.

As cities and DOT teams struggle with constrained roadway infrastructure and the need to build safer roads, events like this offer solutions and reveal a peek into the future. The NVIDIA Metropolis video analytics platform is increasingly being used by cities, DOTs, tollways, and developers to help measure, automate, and vastly improve the efficiency and safety of roadways around the world. 

The following NVIDIA Metropolis partners are participating at ITS-America and showcasing how they help cities improve livability and safety.

Miovision:  Arguably one of the first in building superhuman levels of computer vision into intersections, Miovison will explain how their technology is transforming traffic intersections, giving cities and towns more effective tools to manage traffic congestion, improving traffic safety, and reducing the impact of traffic on greenhouse gas emissions. Check out Miovision at booth #1619.

NoTraffic: NoTraffic’s real-time, plug-and-play autonomous traffic management platform uses AI and cloud computing to reinvent how cities run their transport networks. The NoTraffic platform is an end-to-end hardware and software solution installed at intersections, transforming roadways to optimize traffic flows and reduce accidents. Check out NoTraffic at booth #1001.

Ouster: Cities are using Ouster digital lidar solutions capable of capturing the environment in minute detail and detecting vehicles, vulnerable road users, and traffic incidents in real time to improve safety and traffic efficiency. Ouster lidar’s 3D spatial awareness and 24/7 performance combine the high-resolution imagery of cameras with the all-weather reliability of radar. Check out Ouster and a live demo at booth #2012.

Parsons: Parsons is a leading technology firm driving the future of smart infrastructure. Parsons develops advanced traffic management systems that cities use to improve safety, mobility, and livability. Check out Parsons at booth #1818.

Velodyne Lidar: Velodyne’s lidar-based Intelligent Infrastructure Solution (IIS) is a complete end-to-end Smart City solution. IIS creates a real-time 3D map of roads and intersections, providing precise traffic and pedestrian safety analytics, road user classification, and smart signal actuation. The solution is deployed in the US, Canada and across EMEA and APAC. Learn more about Velodyne’s on-the-ground deployments at their panel talk

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Promo banner of ITS America 2021.
Figure 1. ITS America 2021 promo.
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