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Metropolis Spotlight: Nota Is Transforming Traffic Management Systems With AI

Nota, an NVIDIA Metropolis partner, is using AI to make roadways safer and more efficient with NVIDIA’s edge GPUs and deep learning SDKs.

Nota developed a real-time traffic control solution that uses image recognition technology to identify traffic volume and queues, analyze congestion, and optimize traffic signal controls at intersections. 

Using the DeepStream SDK off-the-shelf features, such as line crossing and setting a region of interest, Nota significantly improved how accurately it could examine traffic situations. Nota deployed the solution at a busy intersection in Pyeongtaek, South Korea to analyze traffic flow and control traffic lights in real-time. Nota was able to improve the traffic flow by 25% during regular hours, and by more than 300% during rush hour, saving the city traffic-congestion-related costs and reducing the time spent by drivers stuck in traffic. 

Read more in our solution showcase.

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