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Top 5 AI Stories of the Week: 3/15

In this week’s video, see a robot that can recognize objects from touch, an AI tool that can automatically detect open parking spots, a new technology to generate lifelike avatars, and much more.

Plus, see how GIPHY used AI and NVIDIA GPUs to develop an open source celebrity detection model.

Watch below:

5 – AI Robotics System Can Recognize Objects from Touch

Drawing inspiration from how humans interact with objects through touch, University of California, Berkeley researchers developed a deep learning-based perception framework that can recognize over 98 different objects from touch. According to the team, this is the first project that addresses this type of robot-object interaction using only touch at a large-scale.

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4 – AI Can Detect Open Parking Spaces

With as many as 2 billion parking spaces in the United States, finding an open spot in a major city can be complicated. To help city planners and drivers more efficiently manage and find open spaces, MIT researchers developed a deep learning-based system that can automatically detect open spots from a video feed.   

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3 – Using Deep Learning to Compute the Mass of Forming Planets

Scientists from the University of Bern and the International Space Science Institute in Switzerland trained a neural network to predict the mass of a planet being formed. The work has the potential to replace some analytical formulas, while providing much more accurate results.

The team trained their algorithm on NVIDIA Tesla GPUs with the cuDNN accelerated TensorFlow deep learning framework.

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2 – AI Helps Build Lifelike Avatars

By using groundbreaking 3D capture technology and AI systems, Facebook researchers developed a new way to generate lifelike avatars. The work will one day enable people to create virtual avatars of themselves quickly and easily.

The team used NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs for both training and inference.

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1 – GIPHY Releases an Open Source AI Celebrity Detector

Trying to figure out who is in that celebrity GIF? This AI-based algorithm can help. Researchers from GIPHY, the online search database for GIFs, recently developed an open source deep learning model that can recognize over 2,300 celebrity faces with high accuracy. 

“We needed a tool that could find and annotate this content within our ever-growing library of GIFs, so that this content could then be found in our search engine,” said Nick Hasty, Director of R&D at GIPHY. 

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