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TITAN RTX EDU Discount Now Available

Data Science is growing fast – it’s emerging as a critical discipline across many industries and it’s foundational to some of the world’s most important research.

Today’s students and researchers are working with larger data sets and more demanding workflows. They need systems that enable them to iterate faster and get results sooner.

TITAN RTX is the fastest PC GPU for data scientists, AI researchers and developers. It enables faster end-to-end data science workflows, with GPU accelerated data preparation and model training, 24 GB of GPU memory for processing large data sets and is supported by the CUDA-X AI SDK for data science and AI.

And now, TITAN RTX is available at 20% off for university students, researchers and faculty.

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The Challenge for Data Scientists

Data scientists process data to extract insights and build predictive models. As these datasets get larger, data preparation and model training times increase, with data scientists ultimately spend most of their time waiting for the computer to finish.. TITAN RTX brings the power of GPU computing to your PC. Powered by NVIDIA Turing, the world’s most advanced GPU architecture TITAN RTX delivers faster data preparation and model training. So you can spend less time waiting and more time doing data science.

  • Work faster with 4608 NVIDIA Turing CUDA cores accelerating end-to-end data science workflows
  • Process huge data sets with 24 GB GDDR6 memory (or 48 GB with NVLink)
  • GPU acceleration for XGBoost for faster training and iteration
  • Get started fast with RAPIDS, built on NVIDIA’s CUDA-X AI SDK, including cuDF for data preparation, cuML for machine learning and more than 15 other libraries.
  • Develop on PC, deploy to the data center with ease

With Titan RTX you can spend less time waiting and more time doing data science

Getting Started with XGBoost and RAPIDS

Once you have TITAN RTX installed in your system, simply download the RAPIDS container from NGC. The NGC container includes RAPIDS, CUDA, and a fully optimized software stack so you can get up and running quickly. You can then experiment with the RAPIDS sample notebook or load your own data and start tests. Below, explore just a few exciting applications of using this powerful hardware and software on your PC:

RAPIDS and TITAN RTX: Analyzing Large Datasets

Work faster with TITAN RTX

Analyzing 120M records of data, RAPIDS on TITAN RTX enabled the analysis of arrival and departure details of commercial flights in the US over a 20-year time span in a matter of minutes. The model helps predict delays in arrival time.

Visualizing large data-set sizes, TITAN RTX can be used for useful applications like mortgage data risk assessment. You can see a demonstration of this in NVIDIA’s 2018 keynote.

These are just a few examples of how data scientists can start accelerating experimentation with machine learning and data science. To start putting your data science PC together, check out the resources below.

Apply for the TITAN RTX EDU discount here.


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