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The Best Tools to Improve Gameplay Performance

There’s a new standard in gaming — and system optimizations have set the bar high.

Developers are using the latest NVIDIA RTX technology to deliver the best gaming experience to players, complete with high-quality graphics and fast performance. But improving gameplay takes more than GPU power alone.

From AI-accelerated techniques like Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) to powerful SDKs like NVIDIA Reflex, game developers are using the most advanced tools to reduce input latency and increase frame rates for gamers. 

Learn how DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex are helping users deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

Superb Graphics with Super Sampling

DLSS is an advanced image upscaling technology that uses a deep learning neural network to  boost frame rates and produce beautiful, sharp images for games. NVIDIA set out to redefine real-time rendering through AI-based super resolution — rendering a fraction of the original pixels and then using AI to reconstruct sharp, higher resolution images.

Dedicated computational units called Tensor Cores accelerate the AI calculations, allowing NVIDIA’s RTX series of GPUs to run the algorithm in real time. With DLSS, users can maximize ray-tracing settings and increase output resolution. DLSS is now available in Unreal Engine 4 through our official DLSS UE 4.26 plugin.

Improving Latency with Reflex

The NVIDIA Reflex SDK allows game developers to implement a low latency mode, which aligns game engine work to complete just-in-time for rendering. This eliminates the GPU render queue and reduces CPU back pressure in GPU-bound scenarios.

As a developer, System Latency (click-to-display) can be one of the hardest metrics to optimize for. In addition to latency reduction functions, the SDK also features measurement markers to calculate both Game and Render Latency — this feature is great for debugging and visualizing in-game performance counters.

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