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TensorRT 5 GA Now Available

NVIDIA announced the latest version of the TensorRT’s high-performance deep learning inference optimizer and runtime. Today we are releasing the general availability TensorRT.  TensorRT 5 supports the new Turing architecture, provides new optimizations, and INT8 APIs achieving up to 40x faster inference over CPU-only platforms. This latest version also dramatically speeds up inference of recommenders, neural machine translation, speech, and natural language processing apps.
TensorRT 5 Highlights:

  • Speeds up inference by 40x over CPUs for models such as translation using mixed precision on Turing Tensor Cores
  • Optimizes inference models with new INT8 APIs
  • Supports Xavier-based NVIDIA Drive platforms and the NVIDIA DLA accelerator for FP16

TensorRT 5 GA is available now to all members of the NVIDIA Developer Program.
To learn how to get started, read the new NVIDIA Developer Blog post, “How to Speed Up Deep Learning Inference Using TensorRT“.
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