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World’s Fastest Commercial Drone Powered by Jetson TX1

Records were made to be broken, and drones are no exception. Teal Drones unveiled its first production product, Teal, a Jetson TX1-powered drone capable of flight speeds in excess of 70 mph. That makes Teal the world’s fastest production drone. 
But Teal is as much a flying supercomputer platform as it is “just” a drone. Set to ship with an SDK and its own operating system — Teal OS —Teal is designed with user- and developer-friendliness firmly in mind. The drone will ship fully assembled and ready to fly straight out of the box, with the SDK providing access to software and hardware development via onboard USB ports. Built for a wide variety of uses, from drone racing to industrial applications, Teal features an onboard camera for still image and video capture, integrated storage and a microSD expansion slot, and the full visual computing power of the NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem for machine learning, image recognition, and autonomous navigation applications.

The company’s backstory is nearly as compelling as its first product. Teal Drones was founded by George Matus, Jr. Matus built his first drone from scratch at age 14, was selected as a Thiel Fellow at 16, and as CEO of Teal Drones, built the fastest production drone in the world at the ripe old age of 18. To hear him tell it, the drone itself is just the beginning of his vision for Teal.

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