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Deploying AI Applications with NVIDIA EGX on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Microservers

Modern expectations for agile capabilities and constant innovation—with zero downtime—calls for a change in how software for embedded and edge devices are… 14 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Building a Multi-Camera Media Server for AI Processing on the NVIDIA Jetson Platform

A media server provides multimedia all-in-one features, such as video capture, processing, streaming, recording, and, in some cases, the ability to trigger… 18 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Get the Best Performance for Your Neural Networks with TensorRT

NVIDIA TensorRT is a high-performance deep learning inference library for production environments. Power efficiency and speed of response are two key metrics… 2 MIN READ
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Developing an Autonomous Bot is a Walk in the Park

Each November for the last decade, Tsukuba City in Japan has run a 2,000-meter race unlike just about any other in the world. What’s unusual is not the terrain… 3 MIN READ
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Deep Learning and ROS Collide to Bring New Levels of Autonomy to Robots

The NVIDIA Jetson team was in Seoul, Korea last week at ROSCon. More than 450 attendees from across the globe trekked to the conference to learn and network… 3 MIN READ
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New Update to the NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK Now Help Accelerate Inference

The latest update to the NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK includes the NVIDIA TensorRT deep learning inference engine (formerly GIE) and the new NVIDIA Deep Stream SDK. < 1