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Encoding for DirectX 12 with NVIDIA Video Codec SDK 11.1

Read about DirectX 12, a low-level programming API from Microsoft that reduces driver overhead in comparison to its predecessors. DirectX 12 provides more flexibility and fine-grained control on the underlying hardware using command queues, command lists, and so on, which results in better resource utilization. 3 MIN READ
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Optimizing Video Memory Usage with the NVDECODE API and NVIDIA Video Codec SDK

The NVIDIA Video Codec SDK consists of GPU hardware-accelerated APIs for the following tasks: Video encoding, with the NVENCODE API Video decoding… 10 MIN READ
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Introducing NVIDIA Video Codec SDK 10 Presets

All NVIDIA GPUs starting with the Kepler generation support fully accelerated hardware video encoding, and all GPUs starting with the Fermi generation support… 7 MIN READ