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Creating Custom, Production-Ready AI Models Faster with NVIDIA TAO

Learn about the latest updates to NVIDIA TAO, an AI-model-adaptation framework, and NVIDIA TAO toolkit, a CLI and Jupyter notebook-based version of TAO. 2 MIN READ
JAKARTA, Indonesia - December 17, 2019: Tilted top down horizontal view of a fountain in the middle of a roundabout in Jakarta city at sunny morning.
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Metropolis Spotlight: Sighthound Enhances Traffic Safety with NVIDIA GPU-Accelerated AI Technologies

Using NVIDIA pretrained models and the Jetson edge AI platform, a computer vision innovator accelerates game-changing traffic management in Denver. 3 MIN READ
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Trimble Explores Acceleration of Autonomous Robot Training with Synthetic Data Generation and NVIDIA Isaac Sim

Learn how Trimble used NVIDIA Isaac Sim on Omniverse to generate synthetic datasets to train a robot for an indoor operating environment. 7 MIN READ
AI4Kids Taiwan participants working on robotics.
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AI4Kids Taiwan Inspires AI Students by Introducing NVIDIA Jetson Nano

AI4Kids Taiwan held a 4-day sumer camp centered around NVIDIA JetBot robot design, industry applications, motion control, NLP, and neural networks. 4 MIN READ
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Accelerating AI Development Pipelines for Industrial Inspection with the NVIDIA TAO Toolkit

This post explores how NVIDIA TAO Toolkit can quickly and accurately train AI models, showing how AI and transfer learning can transform how image and video analysis and industrial processes are deployed. 7 MIN READ
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Fast-Track Production AI with Pretrained Models and NVIDIA TAO Toolkit 3.0

NVIDIA announced new pretrained models and general availability of TAO Toolkit 3.0, a core component of NVIDIA Train, Adapt and Optimize (TAO) platform guided workflow for creating AI. 3 MIN READ