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Writing Ray Tracing Applications in Python Using the Numba Extension for PyOptiX

Using Numba and PyOptiX, NVIIDA enables you to configure ray tracing pipeline and write kernels in Python compatible with the OptiX pipeline. 13 MIN READ
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Latest NVIDIA OptiX Renders Ray Tracing Faster Than Ever Before

With the latest NVIDIA OptiX Ray Tracing Engine developers can seamlessly handle and scale more ray tracing workloads, quicker.  7 MIN READ
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Explore the Latest in Graphics with Professional Visualization Sessions at NVIDIA GTC

There are several GTC sessions for professional content creators, engineers, and developers looking to explore new tools and techniques accelerated by NVIDIA. 3 MIN READ
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How to Get Started with OptiX 7

There has been a recent shift in high-performance API design towards providing lower-level control of resource management and execution scheduling. 20 MIN READ
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Introduction to Real-Time Ray Tracing with Vulkan

NVIDIA’s new Turing GPU unleashed real-time ray-tracing in a consumer GPU for the first time. Since then, much virtual ink has been spilled discussing ray… 16 MIN READ
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NVIDIA OptiX Ray Tracing Powered by RTX

NVIDIA OptiX builds on RTX technology to deliver real-time ray tracing 14 MIN READ