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Graphics / Simulation

How to Get Started with OptiX 7

There has been a recent shift in high-performance API design towards providing lower-level control of resource management and execution scheduling. 20 MIN READ
Game Development

Introduction to Real-Time Ray Tracing with Vulkan

NVIDIA’s new Turing GPU unleashed real-time ray-tracing in a consumer GPU for the first time. Since then, much virtual ink has been spilled discussing ray… 16 MIN READ
Design & Visualization

NVIDIA OptiX Ray Tracing Powered by RTX

NVIDIA OptiX builds on RTX technology to deliver real-time ray tracing 14 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

HPC Visualization on NVIDIA Tesla GPUs

HPC looks very different today than it did when I was a graduate student in the mid-90s. Today's supercomputers are many orders of magnitude faster than the… 13 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Interactive Supercomputing with In-Situ Visualization on Tesla GPUs

So, you just got access to the latest supercomputer with thousands of GPUs. Obviously this is going to help you a lot with accelerating your scientific… 13 MIN READ