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AI / Deep Learning

On-Demand Session: Deploying Highly Accurate Retail Applications Using a Digital Twin

A new session from GTC shares how to use synthetic data and Fleet Command to deploy highly accurate and scalable models. 4 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Fast-Track Production AI with Pretrained Models and NVIDIA TAO Toolkit 3.0

NVIDIA announced new pretrained models and general availability of TAO Toolkit 3.0, a core component of NVIDIA Train, Adapt and Optimize (TAO) platform guided… 3 MIN READ

Metropolis Spotlight: INEX Is Revolutionizing Toll Road Systems with Real-time Video Processing

INEX Technologies, an NVIDIA Metropolis partner, designs, develops, and manufactures comprehensive hardware and software solutions for license plate recognition… 2 MIN READ

Metropolis Spotlight: Nota Is Transforming Traffic Management Systems With AI

Nota, an NVIDIA Metropolis partner, is using AI to make roadways safer and more efficient with NVIDIA's edge GPUs and deep learning SDKs. < 1
AI / Deep Learning

Fast-Tracking Hand Gesture Recognition AI Applications with Pretrained Models from NGC

In this tutorial, learn how you can use a pretrained model from the NGC catalog to fine-tune, optimize, and deploy a gesture recognition application using the… 19 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Building and Deploying a Face Mask Detection Application Using NGC Collections

AI workflows are complex. Building an AI application is no trivial task, as it takes various stakeholders with domain expertise to develop and deploy the… 17 MIN READ