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Optimizing Access to Parquet Data with fsspec

This post details how the filesystem specification's new parquet model provides a format-aware byte-cashing optimization. 12 MIN READ
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Accelerated Portfolio Construction with Numba and Dask in Python

Learn the power of Numba and Dask in Python for high performance portfolio construction. 8 MIN READ
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Zero to RAPIDS in Minutes with NVIDIA GPUs + Saturn Cloud

With RAPIDS, practitioners can quickly accelerate data science workloads on NVIDIA GPUs, and with Saturn Cloud focus on solving their business challenges. 9 MIN READ
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Accelerating XGBoost on GPU Clusters with Dask

In XGBoost 1.0, we introduced a new official Dask interface to support efficient distributed training. Fast-forwarding to XGBoost 1.4, the interface is now feature-complete. 11 MIN READ
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Dask Tutorial - Beginner's Guide to Distributed Computing with GPUs in Python

This is the fourth installment of the series of introductions to the RAPIDS ecosystem. The series explores and discusses various aspects of RAPIDS that allow… 8 MIN READ
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Making Python Data Science Enterprise-Ready with Dask

At NVIDIA, we are driving change in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Some of the key trends that drive us are as follows: The rise… 10 MIN READ