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AI / Deep Learning

Programming Efficiently with the NVIDIA CUDA 11.3 Compiler Toolchain

The CUDA 11.3 release of the CUDA C++ compiler toolchain incorporates new features aimed at improving developer productivity and code performance. 15 MIN READ

Using GPUs to Accelerate Epidemic Forecasting

Originally trained as a veterinary surgeon, Chris Jewell, a Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology at Lancaster Medical School in the UK became interested in epidemics… 12 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

GPU-Accelerated Cosmological Analysis on the Titan Supercomputer

Ever looked up in the sky and wondered where it all came from? Cosmologists are in the same boat, trying to understand how the Universe arrived at the structure… 9 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

GPU Pro Tip: Fast Great-Circle Distance Calculation in CUDA C++

This post demonstrates the practical utility of CUDA’s `sinpi()` and `cospi()` functions in the context of distance calculations on earth. 3 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

GPU Pro Tip: Lerp Faster in C++

Linear interpolation is a simple and fundamental numerical calculation prevalent in many fields. It's so common in computer graphics that programmers often use… 2 MIN READ

Accelerating Bioinformatics with NVBIO

NVBIO is a C++ library of high performance parallel algorithms and containers designed by NVIDIA to accelerate sequence analysis and bioinformatics applications. 11 MIN READ