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Boosting Application Performance with GPU Memory Prefetching

NVIDIA GPUs have enormous compute power and typically must be fed data at high speed to deploy that power. That is possible, in principle, because GPUs also... 10 MIN READ
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Implementing High-Precision Decimal Arithmetic with CUDA int128

“Truth is much too complicated to allow anything but approximations.” -- John von Neumann The history of computing has demonstrated that there is no limit... 19 MIN READ
Image depicting NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang explaining the importance of the RAPIDS launch demo at GTC Europe 2018.
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Fast, Flexible Allocation for NVIDIA CUDA with RAPIDS Memory Manager

When I joined the RAPIDS team in 2018, NVIDIA CUDA device memory allocation was a performance problem. RAPIDS cuDF allocates and deallocates memory at high... 24 MIN READ
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Unified Memory for CUDA Beginners

My previous introductory post, "An Even Easier Introduction to CUDA C++", introduced the basics of CUDA programming by showing how to write a simple program... 16 MIN READ
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High-Performance Geometric Multi-Grid with GPU Acceleration

Linear solvers are probably the most common tool in scientific computing applications. There are two basic classes of methods that can be used to solve an... 16 MIN READ