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Speeding up Numerical Computing in C++ with a Python-like Syntax in NVIDIA MatX

MatX is an experimental library that allows you to write high-performance GPU code in C++, with high-level syntax and a common data type across all functions. 6 MIN READ
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NVIDIA GTC: A Complete Overview of Nsight Developer Tools

Read a complete overview of the Nsight suite of developer tools with new features and capabilities. 6 MIN READ
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Announcing Nsight Deep Learning Designer 2021.1 - A Tool for Efficient Deep Learning Model Design and Development

NVIDIA announces Nsight DL Designer - the first in-class integrated development environment to support efficient design of deep neural networks for in-app inference.  3 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Tools Extension API: An Annotation Tool for Profiling Code in Python and C/C++

As PyData leverages much of the static language world for speed including CUDA, we need tools which not only profile and measure across languages but also… 9 MIN READ
Image depicting NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang explaining the importance of the RAPIDS launch demo at GTC Europe 2018.
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Fast, Flexible Allocation for NVIDIA CUDA with RAPIDS Memory Manager

When I joined the RAPIDS team in 2018, NVIDIA CUDA device memory allocation was a performance problem. RAPIDS cuDF allocates and deallocates memory at high… 24 MIN READ
PCAST helps to quickly isolate divergence between CPU and GPU results so you can isolate bugs or verify your results are OK even if they aren’t identical.
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Detecting Divergence Using PCAST to Compare GPU to CPU Results

Parallel Compiler Assisted Software Testing (PCAST) is a feature available in the NVIDIA HPC Fortran, C++, and C compilers. PCAST has two use cases. 14 MIN READ