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Autonomous Robots to Deliver Your Shopping in 2016

Skype co-founders have launched a company that plans to send GPU-based robots to the homes of consumers for local deliveries.
The idea is that the deliveries will be sent to a central hub from which the six-wheeled, electric-powered autonomous robots, outfitted with a hollow center and a lockable carrying case, will make deliveries to customers’ homes in five to 30 minutes. In terms of capacity, the robots will be able to carry what the company calls “the equivalent of two grocery bags.”
“The Starship robots run on sidewalks and make deliveries curb-side,” Ahti Heinla, CEO of Starship Technologies, told Mashable.”
Tegra based robot
The Tegra-based robot has sensors and cameras to help it navigate its way round the streets. Much like a human would sense potential collisions and velocity of moving objects; it detects obstacles and halts at any sign of interference. It drives only 99% autonomously, having had its designated local area mapped and re-mapped to know the exact local layout, and is then supervised the entire time by a human operator who overseas its journey.”
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