Postmates Presents New NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Equipped Delivery Robot at GTC

Postmates, the on-demand delivery company that operates across the United States presented a new all-electric autonomous delivery robot equipped with the latest NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier module for autonomous machines at GTC Silicon Valley in San Jose. 
The robot called Serve can carry 50 pounds of goods with a range of 30 miles. The system is designed to work alongside the Postmates fleet and can move items over short distances efficiently, the company said.
“Serve was built to respect cities, meets customer demands, and helps local businesses sell even more,” the company wrote in a blog post.
The robot runs on electric power and moves at walking speed.
In addition to the Jetson AGX Xavier system, Serve is equipped with Velodyne LIDAR sensors to help create a virtual picture of the world in real time.

“In order to make the robot travel safely in the city, on the sidewalk, in the neighborhood, autonomously, requires us to use GPUs. Said Zhenyu Guo, Director of Artificial Intelligence at Posmates X. “Our team is using TensorFlow for model training, testing and developing. After we train the model in TensorFlow, we convert the model to TensorRT and we deploy the Xavier platform using NVDLA….By Using FP16 half-precision together with NVDLA we got more than 40x speedup,” added Guo. 
People interact with the robot via a touchscreen and camera. The robot responds and communicates via dynamic lighting in the eyes and a light ring on top to signal movement.
Postmates will launch in the Los Angeles area before rolling out to additional cities in the United States. The company says the goal is to make deliveries at zero cost to consumers.  
The Jetson AGX Xavier is designed to help companies create and deploy end-to-end AI robotics applications for manufacturing, delivery, retail, smart cities, and more. Learn more about Jetson AGX Xavier for autonomous machines.
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