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New on NGC: Richer, Seamless Experience with Latest NGC Catalog User Interface

The NVIDIA NGC catalog, a GPU-optimized hub for HPC, ML and AI applications, now has a new look and we’re really excited about it! Over the past few months we’ve been working with our community, design and research teams to bring you an enhanced user experience, engineered to deliver the most relevant content and features, faster than ever before. 

The new user interface will transform how you work with the content in the NGC catalog, by making it easy to find containers, models, SDKs and even collections you need for your AI application. 

Some of the key highlights include: 

  • Improved Search and Filtering
  • Tagged Content
  • Connected Documentation
  • Popular Content Showcase
  • Continued Browsing
  • Curated Highlights

Improved Search and Filtering

The NGC catalog has many entities such as containers, pre-trained models, SDKs that also span across many different use cases from computer vision to conversational AI to recommender systems. And finding exactly what you’re looking for can be daunting. The new and improved search algorithm quickly returns the entity you searched for and ranks it to match your search query. 

It’s not all about search, as sometimes you may not know what you are looking for or what options are out there to help you solve your problem. Using the combined search and filter bar, you can quickly narrow down content to fit your needs. Combining multiple filters lets you refine results until you exactly get what you need. You can narrow down the content based on language, dataset, use case or even SDK.

Tagged Content

All of the content in the NGC catalog now has labels or tags. These are specifically designed to help you find content that is in a similar category. 

You can view all the labels from the card view or the details page. Simply clicking on a label will return you to the search result page with that filter applied, so you can see everything related to that category. 

Connected Documentation

With the new interface, you can access links to the relevant documentation pages from wherever you are in the catalog, making it easier to delve deeper into topics related to CLI commands, the NGC Private Registry and detailed user documentation. This is now front and center of the NGC experience, so you can optimize your workflow with just a few clicks. 

Wondering what’s popular and trending with other NGC users? You can now see the content that has been downloaded across all categories – Collections, Containers, Models, Resources and Helm Charts on the homepage. 

Continued Browsing

It is not always about search or quick content discovery, sometimes you’re here just to have a look and see what’s available. Maybe you are looking for inspiration and a way to evolve your apps and services or perhaps just wondering what other models are available to help you achieve your goal. You can simply click on “See all…” to view all the artifacts in that category. 

Curated Highlights

With curated highlights, you’ll see the content showcase right below the search bar on our homepage so it’s easy for you to explore and keep checking back regularly to see what’s new or discover even more. The new UI shows how we are constantly improving the overall user experience and making it easier for you to discover and consume the content from the NGC catalog. 

Get started today by exploring the NGC catalog and pulling the relevant container or pre-trained model or SDK for your use-case.

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