Chris Parsons

Chris Parsons is a lead product manager for NGC at NVIDIA, specifically looking after the NGC Catalog’s models, code samples and end-to-end workflow, as well as the NGC Private Registry. Chris also has experience in DevOps and mobile development, with numerous apps deployed to the iOS/Android app stores.
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Explainer: What Is a Machine Learning Model?

Fueled by data, ML models are the mathematical engines of AI, expressions of algorithms that find patterns and make predictions faster than a human can. < 1
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New on NGC: Richer, Seamless Experience with Latest NGC Catalog User Interface

The NVIDIA NGC catalog, a GPU-optimized hub for HPC, ML and AI applications, now has a new look and we’re really excited about it! Over the past few months... 3 MIN READ
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Building and Deploying a Face Mask Detection Application Using NGC Collections

AI workflows are complex. Building an AI application is no trivial task, as it takes various stakeholders with domain expertise to develop and deploy the... 17 MIN READ
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Accelerating AI and ML Workflows with Amazon SageMaker and NVIDIA NGC

AI is going mainstream and is quickly becoming pervasive in every industry—from autonomous vehicles to drug discovery. However, developing and deploying AI... 13 MIN READ
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Securing and Accelerating End-to-End AI Workflows with the NGC Private Registry

AI is moving from research to production and enterprises are embracing its power to develop and deploy it across a wide variety of applications, including... 8 MIN READ