Akhil Docca

Akhil Docca is a senior product marketing manager for NGC at NVIDIA, focusing in HPC and DL containers. Akhil has a Master’s in Business Administration from UCLA Anderson School of Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State University.

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New on NGC: NVIDIA Maxine, NVIDIA TLT 3.0, Clara Train SDK 4.0, PyTorch Lightning and Vyasa Layar

The NVIDIA NGC catalog is a hub of highly performant software containers, pre-trained models, industry specific SDKs and Helm charts you can simplify and… 3 MIN READ
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Fast Track AI Model Adaptation with TAO

NVIDIA Train, Adapt, and Optimize (TAO) is an AI model adaptation platform that simplifies and accelerates the creation of enterprise AI applications. 2 MIN READ
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Upcoming Webinar: Learn How to Use NVIDIA NGC Jupyter Notebook for Medical Imaging

Learn how NVIDIA NGC and NVIDIA Clara (NVIDIA’s healthcare AI Platform) helps accelerate medical imaging workflows. 2 MIN READ
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New on NGC: PyTorch Lightning Container Speeds Up Deep Learning Research

With PyTorch Lightning, you can scale your models to multiple GPUs and leverage state-of-the-art training features such as 16-bit precision, early stopping… 2 MIN READ
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NEW on NGC: Simplify and Unify Biomedical Analytics with Vyasa

Vyasa, a leading provider of tools in the field of biomedical analytics, developed a suite of products that efficiently integrate with existing compute… 3 MIN READ
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New on NGC: MATLAB R2021a Container for Ampere GPUs Fast Tracks Deep Learning and Scientific Computing

The latest version provides full support for running deep learning, automotive and scientific analysis on NVIDIA’s Ampere GPUs. < 1