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Akhil Docca is a senior product marketing manager for NGC at NVIDIA, focusing in HPC and DL containers. Akhil has a Master’s in Business Administration from UCLA Anderson School of Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State University.
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Experience the Ease of AI Model Creation with the TAO Toolkit on LaunchPad

Building AI Models from scratch is incredibly difficult, requiring mountains of data and an army of data scientists. With the NVIDIA TAO Toolkit, you can use... 2 MIN READ
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Simplify AI Model Development with the Latest TAO Toolkit Release

Today, NVIDIA announced the general availability of the latest version of the TAO Toolkit. As a low-code version of the NVIDIA Train, Adapt and Optimize (TAO)... 3 MIN READ
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3 Methods for Speeding up AI Model Development with TAO Toolkit

AI applications are powered by models. Deep learning models are built on mathematical algorithms and trained using data and human expertise. These models can... 3 MIN READ
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Creating Custom, Production-Ready AI Models Faster with NVIDIA TAO

All AI applications are powered by models. Models can help spot defects in parts, detect the early onset of disease, translate languages, and much more. But... 2 MIN READ
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Developing and Deploying Your Custom Action Recognition Application Without Any AI Expertise Using NVIDIA TAO and NVIDIA DeepStream

As humans, we are constantly on the move and performing several actions such as walking, running, and sitting every single day. These actions are a natural... 15 MIN READ
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Accelerated Molecular Simulation Using Deep Potential Workflow with NGC

Molecular simulation communities have faced the accuracy-versus-efficiency dilemma in modeling the potential energy surface and interatomic forces for decades.... 15 MIN READ