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NVIDIA’s Top 5 AI Stories of the Week: 4/8

Every week we highlight the top 5 stories in Artificial Intelligence using NVIDIA technology.

This week’s Top 5 features an #AI trained on #Starcraft, a humanistic call center agent, and a new AI-invented sport.

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5 – Solving AI Challenges by Playing StarCraft

f you follow science news, you’ve probably heard about the latest machine-over-man triumph by DeepMind. This time, the new AlphaStar algorithm was able to defeat a professional in the popular competitive strategy game StarCraft II. While this may seem to imply that there is little room left for developing learning algorithms in the StarCraft II environment, the research community is only just beginning to employ this platform for AI development. In particular, researchers from University of Oxford just released a new test suite that uses the flexibility of the StarCraft II platform in order to challenge other scientists to develop agents that can learn to collaborate, coordinate, and cooperate.

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4 – NVIDIA TITAN RTX Helps Artist Generate Original Paintings

Wondering how AI can inspire artists to create their best work? Renowned artist Chris Peters recently purchased a new NVIDIA TITAN RTX GPU with the intention of using it to create art. The results are stunning compositions generated by the AI, and actual oil paintings painted by Peters himself.

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3 – AI Helps Classify Lung Cancer at the Pathologist Level

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 229,000 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer in the United States this year, with adenocarcinoma being the most common type. To help with diagnosis, researchers from Dartmouth’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center and the Hassanpour Lab at Dartmouth University developed a deep learning-based system for automated classification of histologic subtypes on lung adenocarcinoma surgical resection slides on par with pathologists. 

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2 – Gridspace Presents an AI-Based Call Center Agent

Gridspace, a southern California-based company, recently presented an end-to-end deep learning based-solution that can allow businesses to automate the call center process by using NVIDIA GPUs on the cloud. In an example shown at GTC Silicon Valley, the company presented a video of an AI generated voice interacting with a customer as if it were a real person. The tool has the potential to allow call center agents to focus on the more humanistic tasks.

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1 – Speedgate: World’s First Sport Generated by AI

f you like playing or watching team sports, you’ll probably find this AI’s latest creation fascinating. Developers from AKQA, a global innovation agency most known for working with some of the hottest brands and public figures, trained a recurrent neural network and a deep convolutional generative adversarial network on over 400 sports with the aim of creating a new and original sport.

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