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nvCOMP v2.0.0 Now Available: With New Compressors

Today, NVIDIA is announcing the availability of nvCOMP version 2.0.0. This software can be downloaded now free for members of the NVIDIA Developer Program.

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What’s New

  • Low-level light-weight C interface for expert users featuring batch compression/decompression support and fully asynchronous execution. 
  • High-level C/C++ interfaces for ease of use.
  • Remove old interfaces.
  • Added support for Snappy, Bitcomp, and GDeflate compressors

See the nvCOMP Release Notes for more information

About nvCOMP

nvCOMP is a CUDA library that features generic compression interfaces to enable developers to use high-performance GPU compressors in their applications.

nvCOMP 2.0.0 includes Cascaded, LZ4, and Snappy compression methods. It also adds support for the external Bitcomp and GDeflate methods. Cascaded compression methods demonstrate high performance with up to 500 GB/s throughput and a high compression ratio of up to 80x on numerical data from analytical workloads. Snappy and LZ4 methods can achieve up to 100 GB/s compression and decompression throughput depending on the dataset, and show good compression ratios for arbitrary byte streams.

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