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New Workshops and Certification at NVIDIA GTC 2024

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With the GTC session catalog now live, it’s time to start building your personalized agenda for the conference. For those of you who will be joining us in San Jose, this post covers the technical training opportunities that you won’t want to miss.

If you can’t attend GTC in person, please take advantage of the 15 virtual workshops scheduled in EMEA, India, and China time zones.

Hands-on workshops 

In-person training is back! Spend quality time with our certified instructors and network with peers to get the most out of your learning experience. Choose from six full-day workshops scheduled for Sunday, March 17 at the San Jose Convention Center, including recently launched Generative AI and LLM workshops. 

The following workshop will be offered for the first time at GTC: 

  • Bootstrapping Computer Vision Models with Synthetic Data: The process of training computer vision models traditionally relies on real-world visual data, which can be costly and incomplete. NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator offers a solution to generate synthetic data through physically simulated scenarios, augmenting real-world data with diverse and accurate alternatives. This course teaches how to use Replicator and the Omniverse Defect Extension to create synthetic datasets for training deep neural networks. Participants learn to generate, parameterize, import, train, iterate, and export models for inference, optimizing the process for efficiency and effectiveness.


Professional certifications are important for personal growth and add credibility to your AI expertise. For the first time at GTC, we are offering a limited number of on-site attendees the opportunity to get certified by NVIDIA. In this Thursday afternoon session, you can take one of the following certification exams at a 50% discount:

  • AI in the Data Center: This is an entry-level certification that validates foundational concepts of adopting artificial intelligence computing by NVIDIA in a data center environment. The exam includes 50 questions and has a 60-minute time limit.
  • Infiniband: This professional certification is an intermediate-level credential that validates core concepts for designing, deploying, and managing NVIDIA InfiniBand fabrics. The exam includes 40 questions and has a 90-minute time limit. 

Stay tuned for details on the recommended training to prepare for these new certifications: 

  • Generative AI and LLMs: This associate-level certification is designed for developers to validate their skills in developing, integrating, and maintaining AI-powered applications with generative AI and large language models (LLMs) using NVIDIA Solutions. The exam includes 50 questions and has a 60-minute time limit.
  • Multimodal Generative AI: This associate-level certification is an introductory credential for developers, confirming core abilities in creating, deploying, and managing AI systems capable of processing and understanding data from text, image, and audio sources. The exam includes 50 questions and has a 60-minute time limit.

There are a limited number of seats available for certification so be sure to add this session to your schedule and arrive early to the exam room. 

Training labs 

Our training labs are legendary. This year, you can choose from over 40 two-hour training labs offered throughout GTC week. The labs are complimentary with the purchase of the Conference + Training package. Here are a few that we expect will fill up quickly:

  • Exploring Foundation Models: The Pillars of AI Advancement: This training lab offers an introduction to foundation models (FM) in generative AI, covering their basics, significance, applications, and recent advancements. Pre-trained AI models hold vast potential for various natural language processing tasks. Participants gain practical experience through a hands-on NVIDIA NeMo tutorial, enabling them to build AI models and applications using NeMo technology.
  • Building a GPU-Accelerated Retrieval Augmented Generation Pipeline: Large language models (LLMs) demonstrate effectiveness in comprehending and producing text for various applications like chatbots and content generation. However, they are susceptible to generating false information due to their lack of awareness of current and domain-specific data. Retrieval augmented generation (RAG) offers a solution by integrating up-to-date domain-specific data with LLM capabilities. This lab covers how to implement RAG for the question-and-answer task on a GPU.
  • Fundamentals of Working with OpenUSD in a 3D Pipeline: Attend this training lab to discover how 3D artists can seamlessly connect and collaborate across multiple applications using Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) and NVIDIA Omniverse, enhanced by NVIDIA RTX technology. Participants get introduced to Omniverse USD Composer, gain insights into connecting Adobe Substance 3D Painter and Autodesk Maya, engage in real-time iteration with live-sync capabilities, and explore lighting, renderer settings, and the process of packaging and sharing projects.
  • How to Build OpenUSD Applications for Industrial Digital Twins: Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) revolutionizes 3D data modeling across industries. In this lab, you learn about the distinctive features of OpenUSD and master the essentials of describing, composing, simulating, and collaborating within 3D environments. The hands-on component involves applying the USD Python API to explore fundamental OpenUSD concepts.
  • Managing On-Premises AI Clusters with Base Command Manager: The increasing demand for AI is driving the need for substantial compute infrastructure in data centers for training and deploying models. Efficient cluster management tools are vital for handling this infrastructure at scale and ensuring optimal utilization. In this lab, participants are introduced to NVIDIA Base Command Manager software and learn the best practices for managing AI infrastructure including how to provision cluster nodes, manage software images, deploy Kubernetes, execute containerized workloads, and more. Both Base Command Manager, part of the NVIDIA DGX SW stack, and Base Command Manager Essentials, included in NVIDIA AI Enterprise, are covered.

Free courses in the self-paced training area 

During conference hours, our self-paced training area is where you can network with our training experts, and take a free course, including new Gen AI courses:

  • Augmenting Your LLM Using Retrieval Augmented Generation: Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) optimizes the output of a large language model (LLM) by incorporating dynamic, domain-specific data without requiring model retraining. RAG is an end-to-end architecture merging information retrieval with response generation. This introductory course uses components used internally at NVIDIA and serves as a starting point for LLM and RAG exploration.
  • Generative AI With Diffusion Models: Generative AI has become increasingly accessible due to advancements in computing power and scientific understanding. Its wide-ranging applications span creative content generation, data augmentation, simulation, anomaly detection, drug discovery, personalized recommendations, and more across various industries. This course delves deeper into denoising diffusion models, particularly favored in text-to-image pipelines.
  • Building RAG Agents with LLMs: Agents powered by large language models (LLMs) are gaining popularity among individuals and companies due to their ability to enhance productivity. Retrieval-based LLM systems, in particular, enable informed conversations, leveraging tools, documents, and strategic planning. While these systems offer exciting opportunities, they require efficient implementation and management of queries to large deep-learning models. This course focuses on deploying agent systems practically and scaling them to meet user and customer demands.

Training advisors

Do you need help building a training plan for your team? Stop by our self-paced training area and meet with one of our training advisors. They can share learning paths and work with you to create customized training plans for your team.

Make plans now

GTC offers incredible opportunities to take your technical skills to the next level. Workshops and training labs fill up quickly, so act now to build out your agenda and reserve your seat.

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We look forward to seeing you at GTC in 2024!

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