New NVIDIA Jetson Framework Containers Now Available on NGC

To help developers using NVIDIA Jetson Developer Kits, NVIDIA is releasing new containers on NGC that include the latest AI frameworks and dependencies. The new containers can dramatically reduce the installation time, helping robotics and autonomous machines developers get started with their projects right away. 

These include:

  • TensorFlow Container: Includes TensorFlow pre-installed in a Python 3.6 environment, and is designed to help developers get up & running quickly with TensorFlow on Jetson.
  • PyTorch Container: Contains PyTorch and torchvision pre-installed in a Python 3.6 environment to get up & running quickly with PyTorch on Jetson. 
  • Machine Learning Container: Contains TensorFlow, PyTorch, JupyterLab, and other popular ML and data science frameworks such as scikit-learn, scipy, and Pandas pre-installed in a Python 3.6 environment.

By using the new containers from NGC, developers can eliminate the hassle of installing the AI frameworks and their dependencies separately.

The docker files are all publicly available on GitHub

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