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Mercedes-Benz, NVIDIA Partner to Build the World’s Most Advanced, Software-Defined Vehicles

The automaker responsible for the world’s first car is now the first to deliver software-defined vehicles across its entire fleet, powered by NVIDIA.

In a live-streamed media event from Stuttgart and Silicon Valley, Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius and NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang announced that the automaker will launch software-defined, intelligent vehicles using end-to-end NVIDIA technology.

“This is the biggest partnership of its kind in the transportation industry,” Huang said. “We’re breaking ground on several different fronts, from technology to business models, and I can’t imagine a better company to do this with than Mercedes-Benz.”

Starting in 2024, every next-generation Mercedes-Benz vehicle will include this first-of-its-kind software-defined computing architecture that includes the most powerful computer, system software and applications for consumers, marking the turning point of traditional vehicles becoming high-performance, updateable computing devices.

These revolutionary vehicles are enabled by NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin, with multiple processing engines for high-performance, energy efficient compute and AI, and equipped with surround sensors. Primary features will be the ability to drive regular routes from address to address autonomously and Level 4 automated parking, in addition to countless safety and convenience applications. These capabilities will continue to be better, as AI technology advances at lightning rates.

Read the full announcement on the NVIDIA Blog.

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