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Announcing the NVIDIA HPC SDK

The NVIDIA HPC SDK is a comprehensive suite of compilers and libraries enabling HPC developers to program the entire HPC platform from the GPU foundation to the CPU and through the interconnect. It is the only comprehensive, integrated SDK for programming accelerated computing systems.

The NVIDIA HPC SDK C++ and Fortran compilers  are the first and only compilers to support automatic GPU acceleration of standard language constructs including C++17 parallel algorithms and Fortran intrinsics.

A single comprehensive SDK for HPC developers on the NVIDIA platform.

The NVIDIA HPC SDK introduces new capabilities and performance optimizations for GPU-accelerated applications:

  • In addition to being the first compilers to enable GPU acceleration of standard parallel  language constructs, the NVIDIA Fortran, C, and C++ compilers enable the porting, writing, and tuning of parallel applications for heterogeneous CPU+GPU servers using GPU-accelerated math libraries, de facto standard OpenACC and OpenMP parallel directives, and CUDA. 
  • The NVIDIA math libraries provide drop-in, highly optimized GPU-acceleration for linear algebra and signal processing algorithms fundamental to HPC. In addition to providing an easy on-ramp to GPU acceleration, math libraries provide speed-of-light performance for supported routines and enable users to automatically benefit from newer GPU architectures including the latest A100 GPUs.
  • The new NVSHMEM library provides multi-GPU and multi-node communication primitives that can be initiated from the host or device and called from within a CUDA kernel and OpenACC program. NVSHMEM implements the OpenSHMEM standard for GPU memory, with extensions for improved performance on GPUs.
  • NVIDIA Nsight™ Compute and Nsight System are performance profiling tools for multicore-CPU applications in OpenMP and OpenACC and GPU-accelerated applications in OpenACC and CUDA. (Not all features are currently supported on all platforms.)
  • The NVIDIA debugger can be used to debug CUDA applications and is the foundation of higher-level third-party debuggers for OpenACC, OpenMP, and MPI.
  • The HPC Container Maker simplifies the process of building and maintaining Docker and Singularity containers.

Early access will be available soon. Sign up today here and we’ll notify you when it’s ready. The first general release is planned for later this summer.

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