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How GPUs are Revolutionizing Machine Learning

NVIDIA announced that Facebook will accelerate its next-generation computing system with the NVIDIA Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform which will enable them to drive a broad range of machine learning applications.
Facebook is the first company to train deep neural networks on the new Tesla M40 GPUs – introduced last month – this will play a large role in their new open source “Big Sur” computing platform, Facebook AI Research’s (FAIR) purpose-built system designed specifically for neural network training.

Open Rack V2 compatible 8-GPU server. Big Sur is two times faster than Facebook’s existing system and will enable the company to train twice as many neural networks which in return will help develop more accurate neural network models and new classes of advanced applications.

Training the sophisticated deep neural networks that power applications such as speech translation and autonomous vehicles requires a massive amount of computing performance.
With GPUs accelerating the training times from weeks to hours, it’s not surprising that nearly every leading machine learning researcher and developer is turning to the Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform and the NVIDIA Deep Learning software development kit.
A recent article on WIRED explains how GPUs have proven to be remarkably adept at deep learning and how large web companies like Facebook, Google and Baidu are shifting their computationally intensive applications to GPUs.
The artificial intelligence is on and it’s powered by GPU-accelerated machine learning.
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