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Creating Physically Based Materials for Minecraft with NVIDIA RTX

Are you an experienced Minecraft content creator, but new to physically based materials? Or someone who just wants to learn the basics behind physically based rendering to create your own PBR resource packs? Great! This talk is for you.

In “Creating Physically Based Materials for Minecraft with RTX,” we introduce you to the new look and possibilities that were launched with Minecraft using NVIDIA RTX. You learn what Minecraft with RTX brings to the community and examples of how it was put into use by some of our favorite Minecraft creators.

We also explain the basics of physically based rendering and materials, including the purpose of different material properties such as normals, roughness and metalness, and how they affect diffuse and specular lighting. We give a short introduction to ray tracing and what you could achieve with it. 

Finally, we have a hands-on demonstration of how you can turn any existing Minecraft material into a physically based one. We show you the supplemental textures that you need and how you can make them in Substance 3D Substance Painter and Adobe Photoshop.

We hope you will find this talk helpful for getting into the world of physically based rendering. Have fun!

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