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New Course: Introduction to Physics-Informed Machine Learning with Modulus

Learn the basics of physics-informed deep learning and how to use NVIDIA Modulus, the physics machine learning platform, in this self-paced online course. < 1
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Enhancing Digital Twin Models and Simulations with NVIDIA Modulus v22.09

The latest version of NVIDIA Modulus, an AI framework that enables users to create customizable training pipelines for digital twins, climate models, and... 5 MIN READ
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New NVIDIA Neural Graphics SDKs Make Metaverse Content Creation Available to All

A dozen tools and programs—including new releases NeuralVDB and Kaolin Wisp—make 3D content creation easy and fast for millions of designers and creators. < 1
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Just Released: Modulus v22.07

Accelerate your AI-based simulations using NVIDIA Modulus. The 22.07 release brings advancements with weather modeling, novel network architectures, geometry... < 1
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Visualizing Interactive Simulations with Omniverse Extension for NVIDIA Modulus

NVIDIA Modulus is a physics-machine learning platform that blends the power of physics with data to build high-fidelity, parameterized AI surrogate models that... 5 MIN READ
Computational fluid dynamics tools, such as those used in vehicle aerodynamics, can be used to evaluate the drag produced by a designed surface which has direct implications on vehicle performance.
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The Computational Fluid Dynamics Revolution Driven by GPU Acceleration

When a technology reaches the required level of maturity, adoption transitions from those considered visionaries to early majority adopters. Now is such a... 11 MIN READ