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AI / Deep Learning

NVIDIA SimNet v20.12 Released

With this release, use cases such as heat sinks, data center cooling, aerodynamics and deformation of solids in linear elastic regime can be solved. 4 MIN READ

SC20 Demo: Flow Physics Quantification in an Aneurysm Using NVIDIA SimNet

NVIDIA SimNet is a GPU-accelerated simulation toolkit based on the Physics Informed Neural Networks—or PINNs. < 1
AI / Deep Learning

NVIDIA SimNet — AI-Accelerated Multi-Physics Simulation Toolkit

NVIDIA recently announced NVIDIA SimNet, a simulation toolkit intended to address the challenges of using AI and physics. 2 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

GTC Digital Demo: Accelerating Scientific & Engineering Simulation workflows with AI

A new demo introduces the recently announced NVIDIA SimNet Toolkit, the first multi-physics (CFD and Heat Transfer) analysis using physics-informed neural… 2 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

Using PhysX for Vehicle Simulations in Games

Learn how NVIDIA PhysX 4.1 is now being used for self-driving car training. 2 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Google's Tossingbot Can Toss Over 500 Objects Per Hour Into Target Locations

Researchers from Google, Princeton, Columbia and MIT developed a picking robot using physics and deep learning that can accurately toss random objects into bins… 2 MIN READ