Zach Lo

Zach Lo has an extensive background in visual effects from Hollywood films to Super Bowl commercials. He’s held positions as visual effects artist, game developer, and technical moderator from companies like Weta Digital, DNEG, and Unity. Currently, he’s a product marketing manager at NVIDIA.
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Rendering / Ray Tracing

Flexible and Powerful Ray Tracing with NVIDIA OptiX 8

In the realm of computer graphics, achieving photorealistic visuals has been a long-sought goal. NVIDIA OptiX is a powerful and flexible ray-tracing framework,... 4 MIN READ
A rendering of a futuristic-looking diner.
Game Engines

Release: NVIDIA RTX Branch of Unreal Engine 5.2

This release offers Unreal Engine, NVIDIA RTX, and neural rendering advancements.  1 MIN READ
Picture of round doorway in courtyard.
Game Engines

Now Available: NVIDIA DLSS 3 for Unreal Engine 5

NVIDIA DLSS 3 is a neural graphics technology that multiplies performance using AI image reconstruction and frame generation. It’s a combination of three core... 6 MIN READ
Scene comparison with RTX on and off
Rendering / Ray Tracing

NVIDIA DLSS Updates for Super Resolution and Unreal Engine

NVIDIA DLSS has revolutionized AI-powered graphics. The latest DLSS Unreal Engine update further enhances experiences for developers and gamers on Unreal Engine... 3 MIN READ
Rendering / Ray Tracing

Building the Future of Real-Time Graphics with NVIDIA and Unreal Engine 5.1

The Unreal Engine 5.1 release includes cutting-edge advancements that make it easier to incorporate realistic lighting and accelerate graphics workflows. Using... 4 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

NVIDIA Announces Full Open Source of Material Definition Language to Streamline Graphics Pipelines

NVIDIA at SIGGRAPH 2022 announced the full open sourcing of Material Definition Language (MDL)—including the MDL Distiller and GLSL backend technologies—to... 2 MIN READ