Vanessa Braunstein

Vanessa Braunstein leads healthcare and life science product marketing at NVIDIA for our Clara products in drug discovery, genomics, medical imaging, medical devices, NLP, and smart hospitals. Previously, she was in product development, business development and marketing for radiology, genomics, pharmaceutical, chemistry, and bioinformatics companies using AI. She studied molecular and cell biology, public health, and business at UC Berkeley and UCLA.

Posts by Vanessa Braunstein

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Novel Transformer Model Achieves State-of-the-Art Benchmarks in 3D Medical Image Analysis

The NVIDIA Swin UNETR model is the first attempt for large-scale transformer-based self-supervised learning in 3D medical imaging. 6 MIN READ
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Boost AI Medical Device Streaming Workflows with the Clara Holoscan SDK

Clara Holoscan SDK 0.2 offers real-time AI inference capabilities and fast I/O for high-performance streaming applications in medical devices. 6 MIN READ
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Scale Cancer Genome Sequencing Analysis and Variant Annotation Using NVIDIA Clara Parabricks 3.8

Clara Parabricks now includes rapid variant annotation tools, support for tumor-only variant calling in clinical settings, and additional support on ampere GPUs. 4 MIN READ
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Capture 6x Better Temporal Resolution Cardiac Imaging at any Heart Rate with Fujifilm Healthcare Cardio StillShot 

Using NVIDIA GPUs, Fujifilm Healthcare developed Cardio StillShot to capture cardiac imaging at any heart rate, with 6x better temporal resolution of cardiac CT images. 5 MIN READ
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New Sensor Partners Expand Surgical, Ultrasound, and Data Acquisition Capabilities in the NVIDIA Clara Holoscan Platform

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan offers an expanded selection of third-party interface options for video capture, ultrasound research, data acquisition, and connection to legacy medical devices. 5 MIN READ
Up close graphic of two DNA strands.
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Clara Parabricks 3.7 Brings Optimized and Accelerated Workflows for Gene Panels

The GPU-accelerated Clara Parabricks v3.7 release brings support for gene panels, RNA-Seq, short tandem repeats, and updates to GATK 4.2 and DeepVariant 1.1. 7 MIN READ