Vanessa Braunstein

Vanessa Braunstein leads healthcare and life science product marketing at NVIDIA for our Clara products in drug discovery, genomics, medical imaging, medical devices, NLP, and smart hospitals. Previously, she was in product development, business development and marketing for radiology, genomics, pharmaceutical, chemistry, and bioinformatics companies using AI. She studied molecular and cell biology, public health, and business at UC Berkeley and UCLA.

Posts by Vanessa Braunstein

Up close graphic of two DNA strands.
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Clara Parabricks 3.7 Brings Optimized and Accelerated Workflows for Gene Panels

The GPU-accelerated Clara Parabricks v3.7 release brings support for gene panels, RNA-Seq, short tandem repeats, and updates to GATK 4.2 and DeepVariant 1.1. 7 MIN READ
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Removing Aliasing Artifacts in Ultrasound Color Doppler Imaging with NVIDIA Clara Holoscan and the NVIDIA Clara Developer Kit

The NVIDIA Clara devkit, NVIDIA Clara Holoscan, and us4us front end help build AI models on streaming data for ultrasounds, to remove artifacts like aliasing. 9 MIN READ
Molecular structure graphic.
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OpenEye Scientific’s OMEGA Generates 3D Molecular Conformers for Drug Design 30X Faster with NVIDIA

Learn how the updated OpenEye OMEGA software uses NVIDIA GPUs for significantly faster conformer generation, with no loss in accuracy. 3 MIN READ
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How Edge Computing is Transforming Healthcare

Forward-thinking healthcare organizations are adopting edge computing. 6 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Data Scientists Take Top Spots in MICCAI 2021 Brain Tumor Segmentation Challenge

NVIDIA data scientists took three of the top spots in a brain tumor segmentation challenge validation phase at the prestigious MICCAI 2021. 9 MIN READ
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GPU-Accelerated Tools Added to NVIDIA Clara Parabricks v3.6 for Cancer and Germline Analyses

Featuring over 33 accelerated tools for every stage of genomic analysis, NVIDIA Clara Parabricks provides GPU-accelerated bioinformatic pipelines that can scale for any workload. 5 MIN READ