Vanessa Braunstein

Vanessa Braunstein works in product marketing on the healthcare team at NVIDIA. Previously, she was in product development and marketing for genomics, medical imaging, pharmaceutical, chemistry, and diagnostic companies. She studied molecular and cell biology, public health, and business.

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NVIDIA Data Scientists Take Top Spots in MICCAI 2021 Brain Tumor Segmentation Challenge

NVIDIA data scientists took three of the top spots in a brain tumor segmentation challenge validation phase at the prestigious MICCAI 2021. 9 MIN READ
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GPU-Accelerated Tools Added to NVIDIA Clara Parabricks v3.6 for Cancer and Germline Analyses

Featuring over 33 accelerated tools for every stage of genomic analysis, NVIDIA Clara Parabricks provides GPU-accelerated bioinformatic pipelines that can scale… 5 MIN READ
3D image of a brain from 3 angles
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King’s College London Accelerates Synthetic Brain 3D Image Creation Using AI Models Powered by Cambridge-1 Supercomputer

King’s College London, along with partner hospitals and university collaborators, unveiled new details about one of the first projects on Cambridge-1… 5 MIN READ
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The Human Genome Center at University of Tokyo Adopts NVIDIA Clara Parabricks for Rapid Genomic Analysis

NVIDIA Clara Parabricks will be available on SHIROKANE, HGC’s fastest supercomputer for life sciences in Japan. 5 MIN READ
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Building State-of-the-Art Biomedical and Clinical NLP Models with BioMegatron

With the advent of new deep learning approaches based on transformer architecture, natural language processing (NLP) techniques have undergone a revolution in… 8 MIN READ