Tomasz Grel

Tomasz Grel is a deep learning engineer. At NVIDIA, he focuses on ensuring the quality and execution speed of numerous recommender systems, including NCF, VAE-CF, and DLRM.
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Technical Walkthrough 7

Fast, Terabyte-Scale Recommender Training Made Easy with NVIDIA Merlin Distributed-Embeddings

Embeddings play a key role in deep learning recommender models. They are used to map encoded categorical inputs in data to numerical values that can be... 8 MIN READ
Technical Walkthrough 3

Training a Recommender System on DGX A100 with 100B+ Parameters in TensorFlow 2

Deep learning recommender systems often use large embedding tables. It can be difficult to fit them in GPU memory. This post shows you how to use a combination... 13 MIN READ
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Accelerating Recommender Systems Training with NVIDIA Merlin Open Beta

NVIDIA Merlin is an open beta application framework and ecosystem that enables the end-to-end development of recommender systems, from data preprocessing to... 9 MIN READ
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Optimizing the Deep Learning Recommendation Model on NVIDIA GPUs

Recommender systems help people find what they’re looking for among an exponentially growing number of options. They are a critical component for driving user... 16 MIN READ