Tomasz Grel

Tomasz Grel is a deep learning engineer. At NVIDIA, he focuses on ensuring the quality and execution speed of numerous recommender systems, including NCF, VAE-CF, and DLRM.
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Recommenders / Personalization

Fast, Terabyte-Scale Recommender Training Made Easy with NVIDIA Merlin Distributed-Embeddings

Embeddings play a key role in deep learning recommender models. They are used to map encoded categorical inputs in data to numerical values that can be... 8 MIN READ
Data Science

Training a Recommender System on DGX A100 with 100B+ Parameters in TensorFlow 2

Deep learning recommender systems often use large embedding tables. It can be difficult to fit them in GPU memory. This post shows you how to use a combination... 13 MIN READ
Data Science

Accelerating Recommender Systems Training with NVIDIA Merlin Open Beta

NVIDIA Merlin is an open beta application framework and ecosystem that enables the end-to-end development of recommender systems, from data preprocessing to... 9 MIN READ
Data Science

Optimizing the Deep Learning Recommendation Model on NVIDIA GPUs

Recommender systems help people find what they’re looking for among an exponentially growing number of options. They are a critical component for driving user... 16 MIN READ