Ranga Maddipudi

Ranga Maddipudi is a Director of Product Management in Networking Group at NVIDIA, responsible for Network Telemetry and NetQ. He has extensive experience in network controllers, automation and analytics.

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Automate Network Monitoring and Reduce Downtime with the Latest Release of NVIDIA NetQ

NVIDIA NetQ is a highly scalable, modern networking operations tool providing actionable visibility for the NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet platform. It combines... 4 MIN READ
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Analyzing Fabric-wide Network Latency with NetQ 4.1.0

NetQ 4.1.0 was recently released, introducing fabric-wide network latency and buffer occupancy analysis along with many other enhancements. For more information... 6 MIN READ
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Telemetry Driven Network Quality and Reliability Monitoring with NVIDIA NetQ 4.0.0

NVIDIA NetQ 4.0.0 was recently released with many new capabilities. NVIDIA NetQ is a highly-scalable modern network operations tool leveraging fabric-wide... 3 MIN READ