Michał Marcinkiewicz

Michał is a senior CUDA algorithms engineer in the Deep Learning Software group at NVIDIA, focusing on computer vision for medical image analysis. Michał received his Ph.D. from the University of Montpellier in France, for his research on topological phase transitions. After obtaining his Ph.D., he fully switched fields to machine learning.

Posts by Michał Marcinkiewicz

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Accelerating Medical Image Processing with NVIDIA DALI

Deep learning models require a lot of data to produce accurate predictions. Here’s how to solve the data processing problem with NVIDIA DALI. 8 MIN READ
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Accelerating Medical Image Segmentation with NVIDIA Tensor Cores and TensorFlow 2

Figure 1. Example of a serial section Transmission Electron Microscopy image (ssTEM) and its corresponding segmentation. Medical image segmentation is a hot… 11 MIN READ