Louis Bavoil

Louis Bavoil has been working in the Developer Technology group at NVIDIA since 2007, doing a mix of GPU performance optimizations and GameWorks software development, with the goal of helping to increase the production value of PC games.

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Identifying Shader Limiters with the Shader Profiler in NVIDIA Nsight Graphics

This is a deep dive into the Shader Profiler feature of NVIDIA Nsight Graphics. The Shader Profiler allows you to find hotspots in your shaders and why they're hot. 8 MIN READ
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Optimizing DX12 Resource Uploads to the GPU Using CPU-Visible VRAM

This walk-through shares how moving cherry-picked DX12 UPLOAD heaps to CPU-Visible VRAM (CVV) using NVAPI can be a simple solution to speed up PCIe limited workloads. 9 MIN READ
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Optimizing Compute Shaders for L2 Locality using Thread-Group ID Swizzling

As part of my GDC 2019 session, Optimizing DX12/DXR GPU Workloads using Nsight Graphics: GPU Trace and the Peak-Performance-Percentage (P3) Method… 5 MIN READ
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Using Nsight Systems for Fixing Stutters in Games

While working with game developers on pre-release games, NVIDIA has had a steady flow of bugs reported where a game stutters for multiple milliseconds during… 8 MIN READ
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Optimizing VK/VKR and DX12/DXR Applications Using Nsight Graphics: GPU Trace Advanced Mode Metrics

Many GPU performance analysis tools are based on a capture and replay mechanism, where a frame is first captured (either in-memory or to disk)… 12 MIN READ
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The Peak-Performance-Percentage Analysis Method for Optimizing Any GPU Workload

This describes a performance triage method used to figure out the main performance limiters of a given GPU workload, using NVIDIA-specific hardware metrics. 50 MIN READ