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Kurtis Pykes is a self-taught machine learning practitioner, currently working as a freelancer.
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Technical Walkthrough 3

A Guide to Monitoring Machine Learning Models in Production

Machine learning models are increasingly used to make important real-world decisions, from identifying fraudulent activity to applying automatic brakes in a... 14 MIN READ
Web Scraping and How To Use It
Technical Walkthrough 4

Scraping Real-Estate Sites for Data Acquisition with Scrapy

Data is one of the most valuable assets that a business can possess. It sits at the core of data science and data analysis: without data, they’re both... 12 MIN READ
Technical Walkthrough 12

How to Build an Instant Machine Learning Web Application with Streamlit and FastAPI

Imagine that you’re working on a machine learning (ML) project and you’ve found your champion model. What happens next? For many, the project ends there,... 10 MIN READ
Technical Walkthrough 9

Building a Machine Learning Microservice with FastAPI

Deploying an application using a microservice architecture has several advantages: easier main system integration, simpler testing, and reusable code... 12 MIN READ