Kevin Klues

Kevin Klues is a principal software engineer on the NVIDIA Cloud Native team. Since joining NVIDIA, Kevin has been involved in the design and implementation of a number of technologies, including the Kubernetes Topology Manager, NVIDIA's Kubernetes device plugin, and the container/Kubernetes stack for MIG. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Kevin worked as a lead architect at Mesosphere, as well as a software engineer at Google. Kevin holds a bachelor's degree from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, a master's degree from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Ph.D from UC Berkeley. When not working, you can usually find Kevin on a snowboard or up in the mountains in some capacity or another.

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Announcing containerd Support for the NVIDIA GPU Operator

For many years, was the only container runtime supported by Kubernetes. Over time, support for other runtimes has not only become possible but often preferred… 5 MIN READ
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Getting Kubernetes Ready for the NVIDIA A100 GPU with Multi-Instance GPU

Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) is a new feature of the latest generation of NVIDIA GPUs, such as A100. It enables users to maximize the utilization of a single GPU by… 13 MIN READ