Jiwei Liu

Jiwei Liu is a data scientist at NVIDIA working on NVIDIA AI infrastructure, incluidng the RAPIDS data science framework.
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A diagram representing multi-GPU training.
Data Science

Unlocking Multi-GPU Model Training with Dask XGBoost

As data scientists, we often face the challenging task of training large models on huge datasets. One commonly used tool, XGBoost, is a robust and efficient... 11 MIN READ
Person holding a smartphone and a credit card over some papers.
Data Science

Predicting Credit Defaults Using Time-Series Models with Recursive Neural Networks and XGBoost

Today’s machine learning (ML) solutions are complex and rarely use just a single model. Training models effectively requires large, diverse datasets that may... 12 MIN READ
Data Science

Achieving 100x Faster Single-Cell Modality Prediction with NVIDIA RAPIDS cuML

Single-cell measurement technologies have advanced rapidly, revolutionizing the life sciences. We have scaled from measuring dozens to millions of cells and... 8 MIN READ
Data Science

Fast Fine-Tuning of AI Transformers Using RAPIDS Machine Learning

In recent years, transformers have emerged as a powerful deep neural network architecture that has been proven to beat the state of the art in many application... 7 MIN READ
Data Science

Competition and Community Insights from NVIDIA’s Kaggle Grandmasters

In this post, we summarize questions and answers from GTC sessions with NVIDIA’s Kaggle Grandmaster team.  Additionally, we answer audience questions we... 11 MIN READ
Data Science

Gauss Rank Transformation Is 100x Faster with RAPIDS and CuPy

As explained in the Batch Normalization paper, training neural networks becomes way easier if its input is Gaussian. This is clear. And if your model inputs are... 5 MIN READ