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AI Nails It: Viral Manicure Robot Powered by GPU-Accelerated Computer Vision

San Francisco startup Clockwork recently launched a pop-up location offering the first robot nail painting service in the form of 10-minute “minicures.” < 1
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Researchers Harness GANs for Super-Resolution of Space Simulations

Carnegie Mellon University and University of California researchers developed a deep learning model that upgrades cosmological simulations from low to high resolution, allowing scientists to create a ... 3 MIN READ
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AI of Earthshaking Magnitude: DeepShake Predicts Quake Intensity

In a major earthquake, even a few seconds of advance warning can help people prepare — so Stanford University researchers have turned to deep learning to predict strong shaking and issue early alert... 2 MIN READ
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Deep Learning Helps Demystify Authorship of a Dead Sea Scroll

Researchers from the Netherlands’ University of Groningen have used AI to reveal that the Great Isaiah Scroll — the only entirely preserved volume from the original Dead Sea Scrolls — was likely... 3 MIN READ
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BMW Brings Together Art, Artificial Intelligence for Virtual Installation Using NVIDIA StyleGAN

BMW unveiled a virtual art installation that projects AI-generated artwork onto a virtual rendition of the automaker’s 8 Series Gran Coupe. 3 MIN READ
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GAN for All Seasons: AI-Generated Art Accompanies Pandemic Poetry in The Washington Post

A recent National Poetry Month feature in The Washington Post presented AI-generated artwork alongside five original poems reflecting on seasons of the past year.  2 MIN READ