Holger Roth

Holger Roth is a principal applied research scientist at NVIDIA focusing on deep learning for medical imaging. He has been working closely with clinicians and academics over the past several years to develop deep learning based medical image computing and computer-aided detection models for radiological applications. He holds a Ph.D. from University College London, UK.
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Decorative collage of a sun with flaring light and federated learning models.
Generative AI / LLMs

Turning Machine Learning to Federated Learning in Minutes with NVIDIA FLARE 2.4

Federated learning (FL) is experiencing accelerated adoption due to its decentralized, privacy-preserving nature. In sectors such as healthcare and financial... 16 MIN READ
Generative AI / LLMs

Scalable Federated Learning with NVIDIA FLARE for Enhanced LLM Performance

In the ever-evolving landscape of large language models (LLMs), effective data management is a key challenge. Data is at the heart of model performance. While... 8 MIN READ
Generative AI / LLMs

Adapting LLMs to Downstream Tasks Using Federated Learning on Distributed Datasets

Large language models (LLMs), such as GPT, have emerged as revolutionary tools in natural language processing (NLP) due to their ability to understand and... 7 MIN READ
Connected healthcare facilities graphic
Data Science

Boost Your AI Workflows with Federated Learning Enabled by NVIDIA FLARE

One of the main challenges for businesses leveraging AI in their workflows is managing the infrastructure needed to support large-scale training and deployment... 7 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Creating Robust and Generalizable AI Models with NVIDIA FLARE

Federated learning (FL) has become a reality for many real-world applications. It enables multinational collaborations on a global scale to build more robust... 6 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Federated Learning with Homomorphic Encryption

In NVIDIA Clara Train 4.0, we added homomorphic encryption (HE) tools for federated learning (FL). HE enables you to compute data while the data is still... 5 MIN READ