Emanuel Scoullos

Emanuel Scoullos is a Data Scientist in the Financial Services and Technology team at NVIDIA where he focuses on GPU applications within FSI. Previously, he worked as a Data Scientist at a startup in the anti-money laundering space applying data science, analytics, and engineering techniques to construct machine learning pipelines. He earned his Ph.D. and Masters in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University and an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Rutgers University.
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Data Science

Using Federated Learning to Bridge Data Silos in Financial Services

Unlocking the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in financial services is often hindered by the inability to ensure data privacy during machine... 8 MIN READ
Data Science

Generating Synthetic Data with Transformers: A Solution for Enterprise Data Challenges

Big data, new algorithms, and fast computation are three main factors that make the modern AI revolution possible. However, data poses many challenges for... 8 MIN READ
Data Science

Accelerating Trustworthy AI for Credit Risk Management

On April 21, 2021, the EU Commission of the European Union issued a proposal for a regulation to harmonize the rules governing the design and marketing of AI... 13 MIN READ
Data Science

Deep Learning vs Machine Learning Challenger Models for Default Risk with Explainability

Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers often face the dilemma of “machine learning compared to deep learning” classifier usage for their business... 18 MIN READ