Dheeraj Peri

Dheeraj Peri works as a deep learning software engineer at NVIDIA. Before that, he was a graduate student at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, working on deep learning-based approaches for content retrieval and handwriting recognition tasks. Dheeraj's research interests include information retrieval, image generation, and adversarial machine learning. He received a bachelor's degree from Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani, India.
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Accelerating Quantized Networks with the NVIDIA QAT Toolkit for TensorFlow and NVIDIA TensorRT

We’re excited to announce the NVIDIA Quantization-Aware Training (QAT) Toolkit for TensorFlow 2 with the goal of accelerating the quantized networks with... 9 MIN READ
Data Science

Estimating Depth with ONNX Models and Custom Layers Using NVIDIA TensorRT

TensorRT is an SDK for high performance, deep learning inference. It includes a deep learning inference optimizer and a runtime that delivers low latency and... 10 MIN READ