Chaitrali Joshi

Chaitrali Joshi is a Product Marketing Manager, focusing on NVIDIA Nsight developer tools for HPC/ AI domain. She has also led design and development of 5G for telco at NVIDIA. Previously at Intel, she worked as a leader to evangelize developers on telecommunication advancements and edge computing technology. She received her M.S. in Computer Science from University of California, Davis with a focus on Software Defined Networking and Distributed computing.

Posts by Chaitrali Joshi

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Advanced Kernel Profiling with the Latest Nsight Compute

Nsight Compute kernel profiler now includes Range Replay, Memory Analysis, and Guided Analysis enhancements. 4 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Nsight Systems 2022.1 Introduces Vulkan 1.3 and Linux Backtrace Sampling and Profiling Improvements

The latest Nsight Systems 2022.1 release introduces several improvements aimed to enhance the profiling experience. 2 MIN READ
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NVIDIA GTC: A Complete Overview of Nsight Developer Tools

Read a complete overview of the Nsight suite of developer tools with new features and capabilities. 6 MIN READ
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Optimize Ray Tracing with NVIDIA Nsight Graphics 2021.5 Featuring Windows 11 Support

NVIDIA announced the latest release in Nsight Graphics, which supports Direct3D, Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenVR, and the Oculus SDK. 2 MIN READ
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Announcing NVIDIA Nsight Systems 2021.5

Nsight Systems helps you tune and scale software across CPUs and GPUs. 3 MIN READ
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Optimizing GPU Utilization with Nsight Compute 2021.3

New features for measuring and modeling occupancy, and a hierarchical roofline model to identify cache memory bottlenecks. 3 MIN READ