Chaitrali Joshi

Chaitrali Joshi is a product marketing manager for NVIDIA, focusing on design and development of 5G systems for telco. With an in-depth knowledge in networking space, she is an expert in mobile communication systems and cloud stacks. Previously at Intel, she worked as a leader to evangelize developers on telecommunication advancements and edge computing technology. She received her M.S. in Computer Science from University of California, Davis with a focus on Software Defined Networking and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC).

Posts by Chaitrali Joshi

Graphics / Simulation

New Suite of Nsight Tools for Gaming and Graphics Developers

Nsight developer tools is a suite of powerful tools and SDKs for profiling, debugging and optimizing applications focused on improving performance for graphics… 5 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

NVIDIA Announces Nsight Graphics 2021.3 - Now Available For Download

Nsight Graphics 2021.3 is an all-in-one graphics debugger and profiler to help game developers get the most out of NVIDIA hardware. 4 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

NVIDIA Announces Nsight Systems 2021.3

Nsight Systems is a system-wide performance analysis tool, designed to help developers tune and scale software across CPUs and GPUs. 2 MIN READ

Latest Nsight Compute 2021.2 Release Now Available for Download

The new release helps identify more performance issues, and makes it easier to understand and fix them. 3 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Building an Accelerated 5G CloudRAN at the Edge

Fifth-generation networks (5G) are ushering in a new era in wireless communications that delivers 1000X the bandwidth and 100X the speed at 1/10 th the latency… 8 MIN READ